NSW Seniors Festival13 – 24 April 2021: Research support Pilates for the Elderly

NSW Seniors Festival

NSW Seniors Festival, 13- 24 April 2021, is the largest festival for seniors in the Southern Hemisphere, reaching up to 500,000 seniors each year. Presented by the Department of Communities & Justice (DCJ), the Festival is designed to celebrate the role seniors play and the contributions they make to the NSW community.

During the NSW Seniors Festival government, community and commercial organisations hold hundreds of events across the state, encompassing art, sport, music, entertainment, technology, recreation, health, good nutrition and much more! The theme for the 2021 festival is In our nature.

Submit your NSW Seniors Festival activity for listing in the festival’s calendar of events:

To be eligible, your activity must:

  • be based in NSW only
  • be held between Tuesday 13 April and Saturday 24 April 2021
  • not promote activities that encourage gambling, such as bingo, or the consumption of alcohol.

Link: https://www.seniorsfestival.nsw.gov.au/events/submit-your-activity

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JBMT Research: Effect of mat vs. apparatus Pilates training on the functional capacity of elderly women

by Denise Mueller, Paulo Eduardo Redkva, Edilson Fernando de Borba, Sara Crosatti Barbosa, Maressa Priscila Krause, Sergio Gregorio da Silva

Published: Prevention and Rehabilitation| Volume 25, P80-86, January 01, 2021

Link to original article: https://www.bodyworkmovementtherapies.com/article/S1360-8592(20)30227-8/fulltext



It is well known that physical exercise improves functional capacity (FC), promoting healthy aging. The Pilates method (PM) is an example of well-accepted physical exercise by the elderly and has been reported in studies to be beneficial for this population. However, it is not yet known whether there is a difference between the practice of mat and apparatus PM. The goal of this study was to compare the effect of mat versus apparatus Pilates training on functional capacity in elderly women.


48 active elderly women (65.15 ± 3.0 years old), independent or partially independent in Activities of Daily Living (ADL) and Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADL), who had never practiced Pilates, were separated into three groups in a random order through a draw: Mat Group (MG = 15), Apparatus Group (AG = 16) and Control Group (CG = 17). Pilates training sessions were applied to MG and AG for 8 weeks, with two weekly sessions of 50 min. The FC of the three groups was evaluated by the Senior Fitness Test (SFT) battery, pre and post intervention.


There were improvements in lower and upper limb strength, aerobic endurance, lower and upper limb flexibility, and agility after the intervention in both groups, showing no significant differences when compared to mat and apparatus Pilates training (<0,05).


The mat and apparatus Pilates training provide significant and similar improvements in the functional capacity of elderly women.

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