Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Eligible members have exclusive access to comprehensive and cost-effective Professional Indemnity insurance and Public & Products Liability insurance through their PAA membership.

The policy is available to all active Group, Studio and Professional Instructor Level members of the PAA as part of your membership, allowing you to apply or renew and automatically receive insurance throughout the year with the two transactions aligned into one.

The key benefits of PAA’s new member insurance program are:

  • a competitively priced option for members on their professional indemnity insurance
  • high limits of coverage including $10M Professional Indemnity & $20M Public & Products Liability insurance cover per claim
  • broad coverage, tailored for PAA members, including unlimited retroactive cover, run-off and public relations costs
  • defence costs are included to the full policy limit
  • no policy excess in the event that a claim is made against you (only if you are making a claim specifically for public relations costs)
  • worldwide coverage (only excluding the USA). This means that you are covered while overseas if you decide to take a working holiday
  • ‘claims made’ policy which ensures the most current policy you hold is the policy to defend you in the event of a claim (‘occurrence-based’ wordings may not cover your activities retrospectively)
  • a dedicated pro bono legal service through one of Australia’s leading allied health insurance law firms, Lander & Rogers. This service is available to members who receive a complaint, claim or notification in respect of their professional services.
  • specialist service from BMS for all insurance-related enquiries.
  • ongoing Studio risk resources tailored to our profession.

Why an exclusive broker and insurance program?

PAA has made this move to provide members with a cost-effective solution to their compulsory insurance needs. In addition, this is a comprehensive, value-added program that promotes investment in practice risk management. With the new program brokered by BMS, members have access to services including:

  • dedicated insurance program website at
  • a comprehensive professional indemnity, public & products liability policy tailored to the industry
  • resources to help manage practice risk based on the Pilates profession’s claim history – BMS will develop and provide information and tools on how to minimise risk within our profession
  • an insurance program that is designed with the input of members, enabling the profession to respond to its own practice needs

How does it work?

When you complete a PAA Membership application or renewal, your new membership automatically includes the addition of $10M Professional Indemnity and $20M Public & Products Liability insurance at an annual cost of $129.80 incl. GST plus Stamp Duty (varies by State).

Insurance not due yet?

Don’t worry: There is an opt-out facility for members who do not wish, or aren’t able, to participate in the insurance program.

We understand that the timing of your current insurance may not match your membership dates and you will want to let it run to it’s expiry. You might also prefer to arrange your insurance through another professional association (e.g. Physiotherapists) or maintain your membership with PAA with an alternative insurance supplier.

Note: If you choose to opt out you must supply evidence of an alternative insurance solution.

Opt in when your external insurance expires

If you would like to take advantage of the PAA member insurance program when your current insurance is due, simply log in to your PAA membership page, choose the section titled Member Insurance Program and add the insurance back into your membership to obtain cover immediately.

You will be charged, pro rata, for the months remaining until your next membership expiry. Your insurance will then be aligned to your membership at your next renewal.

Additional Modalities or cover

As Pilates is classed as a low risk profession, some members’ modalities will be higher risk or your business situation may warrant additional cover. For advice about included modalities or level of cover please refer directly to BMS, the insurer.

Modalities currently included with the standard PAA member insurance are:

  • Yoga
  • Barre
  • Power Plate
  • Core Align
  • Franklin Method
  • Buff Bones®

Meet BMS

BMS is a global Lloyd’s broker, and the largest employee-owned insurance business in the London market. BMS has teams in Australia and Canada specialising in providing insurance cover and value-added services to associations and their members.

BMS’s Australian and Canadian teams provide coverage and additional services to more than 500,000 healthcare and regulated professionals through over 70 associations.

BMS’ teams of experts are committed to design and manage insurance programs that are most advantageous for associations and members.

To learn more about BMS coverage, visit their insurance section under or BMS at

Need more information?

To find out more about the new program please visit our new insurance site at

If you have a specific question or would like to discuss your particular situation with a senior broker you can contact BMS directly on 1800 940 764 or at

To obtain a copy of the policy, please contact BMS on 1800 940 764 or at

BMS Business Insurance Add On

Having the right insurance cover is essential to protect your studio, and BMS are your business insurance experts.

Our Business Insurance policy is designed for Pilates business owners or Pilates instructors who use and transport equipment, or lease property. It covers a range of aspects of your business, including:
▪ Property Damage cover for buildings, contents, stock, and equipment.
▪ Theft of contents and stock in trade.
▪ Cover for all glass types for the replacement value.
▪ Portable Equipment cover against theft and accidental damage of portable business tools and equipment.
▪ Public Liability provides $20,000,000 cover against claims from bodily injury or property damage that you or your staff may cause to another person or property, as a result of the practice of your profession.
▪ Cover for loss of income in the event your business operations are interrupted as a result of incidents such as fire, storm or prevention of access (e.g. road blockage). Business Interruption cover can pay for continuing costs such as rent, mortgage payments, payroll or loss of profit, and help you get back up and running as quickly as possible.

For a quote or to talk with the BMS team about your insurance coverage options, please contact us on 1800 940 764 or via email,
You can find more information on our website: