Professional Development Workshops

Workshops Registered with the PAA for Award of PDPs

Listed below are approved workshops and masterclasses registered with the PAA that will earn you Professional Development Points (PDPs).

Listings are grouped by State, in date order. Click on the link in the last column for additional information and how to book.

For more information on PDPs and how they are calculated please refer to the PDP INFORMATION  document.

Online workshops

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19 AugustThe Breathing WorkshopShane and Angelina Saunders1.5SydneyPolestar
20 AugustThe Breathing WorkshopShane and Angelina Saunders1.5SydneyPolestar
9 SeptemberSkeletal Development and Ageing of the PelvisClare McFadden1.5CanberraPilatesITC
16 SeptemberEnhancing Athletic PerformanceMeredith Rogers6SydneyBasi

28 October Postural Function & CorrectionSonia Crisafulli/Lanette Gavran/Lauren Jones6SydneyPilatesITC
29 OctoberIt’s the Little Things That CountOlga Tamara7SydneyAuthentic Pilates Education
11 November Osteoporosis In-depthLisa Jackson7SydneyPilatesITC
18 November Pilates for PregnancySonia Crisafulli/Lanette Gavran/Lauren Jones6SydneyPilatesITC
9 December Wunda Chair MasterclassLauren Jones1SydneyPilatesITC
9 December Reformer MasterclassSonia Crisafulli1SydneyPilatesITC
9 December Wunda Chair MasterclassLanette Gavran1SydneyPilatesITC
9 December Reformer MasterclassSally Anderson1SydneyPilatesITC
16-18 February 2018Anatomy Dimensions - Cancer and Autoimmune Conditions and ExerciseCarla Mullins15Sydney Body Organics
25 February 2018Bringing Sexy Back to The Wunda Chair: Creating a flowing and balanced Wunda Chair Workout Lanette Gavran3SydneyPilatesITC

** Approved non-Pilates workshop

OngoingLate Int/Adv Mat Class - monthlyKatrina Edwards1MelbourneNational Pilates Training
5 AugustClassical Pilates Tower workshopOlga Tamara4MelbourneThe Movement Refinery
6 August Pilates Method Immersion 3: Modern postureSally Anderson6 each or 15 max for multiple sessionsMelbourneNational Pilates Training
11 AugustRunners 3Darren Stojanovic4MelbournePolestar
26 AugustThe Breathing WorkshopShane and Angelina Saunders1.5MelbournePolestar
1 September

Reformer masterclass- Spinal MobilityDarren Stojanovic2MelbournePolestar
1 SeptemberReformer masterclass- Infinity FootbarDarren Stojanovic2MelbournePolestar
6 October Pilates Method Immersion 4: Creating an environment for healthSally Anderson6 each or 15 max for multiple sessionsMelbourneNational Pilates Training
14 OctoberProgramming self-release for others - add myofascial release to your toolbeltCarrie Newbold2MelbourneRecharge Class
27 October Pilates for OsteoporosisKath banks4MelbourneNational Pilates Training
11 NovemberPrivate studio sessions Olga Tamara1MelbourneAuthentic Pilates Education
12 NovemberIt’s the Little Things That CountOlga Tamara7MelbourneAuthentic Pilates Education
12 November Knee Rehabilitation - ACL a case study in reconstructionKath Banks4MelbourneNational Pilates Training
17 November Pilates Method Immersion 5: Programming and applicationSally Anderson6 each or 15 max for multiple sessionsMelbourneNational Pilates Training

** Approved non-Pilates workshop

4-7 AugustAnatomy Dimensions - Cancer and Autoimmune conditionsCarla Mullins15BrisbaneBody Organics
5 August Postural Function & CorrectionLisa Jackson6BrisbanePilatesITC
12 AugustTune up your biomechanics with Small Aparatus
Tracey Nicholson7Sunshine CoastTensegrity Training
13 AugustTrigger your points - theory and practice of self-myofascial releaseCarrie Newbold4BrisbaneRecharge Class
1 SeptemberAnatomy Dimensions - BreathCarla Mullins4BrisbaneBody Organics
2 SeptemberAnatomy Dimensions - Neck & JawCarla Mullins4BrisbaneBody Organics
2 SeptemberAnatomy Dimensions - Upper Limbs One, Shoulder ComplexCarla Mullins4BrisbaneBody Organics
3 SeptemberAnatomy Dimensions - Upper Limbs Two, Elbows, Wrist & HandsCarla Mullins4BrisbaneBody Organics
24 SeptemberSomatic Education in PilatesTracey Nicholson1.5Sunshine CoastTensegrity Training
30 SeptemberVestibular SystemTracey Nicholson4Sunshine CoastTensegrity Training
09 OctoberTune up your biomechanics with Small AparatusTracey Nicholson7Sunshine CoastTensegrity Training
11 OctoberSomatic Education in Pilates
Tracey Nicholson1.5Sunshine CoastTensegrity Training
14 October Cueing OneCarla Mullins4Cairns Body Organics
15 October Cueing TwoCarla Mullins4Cairns Body Organics
20 OctoberAnatomy Dimensions - Neck & JawCarla Mullins4Sunshine CoastBody Organics
29 OctoberPregnancy in Motion and Active Pelvic Floor Training
Tracey Nicholson4Sunshine CoastTensegrity Training
5 NovemberAnatomy Dimensions - Anatomy of the SpineCarla Mullins4BrisbaneBody Organics
11-13 NovemberRUNITY Painless Running CoachJuan Nieto11BrisbanePolestar
18 November Osteoporosis In-depthLisa Jackson7BrisbanePilatesITC
24-26 NovemberPilates Stands UpCarla Mullins15
Brisbane Body Organics
25 November Pilates for PregnancySonia Crisafulli / Lanette Gavran / Lauren Jones6BrisbanePilatesITC

** Approved non-Pilates workshop

6 May 2018

Pilates On the Run: the essential skills for injury free running **Maggie MacGill3.5PerthTotum Physiotherapy

**PAA approved anatomy/physiology program

12 AugustOpen the Gait
Jenni Guest8AdelaidePolestar
23 September Working with the Post Operative Lumbar Client in the Pilates EnvironmentJenni Guest4AdelaidePolestar
21 OctoberRotational Sports
Jenni Guest8AdelaidePolestar

**approved non-Pilates workshop

No listings, please check back later

**approved non-Pilates workshop

26 OctoberPregnancy in Motion and Active Pelvic Floor TrainingTracey Nicholson4HobartTensegrity Training
12-14 January 2018Pilates Stands UpCarla Mullins15Hobart Body Organics

Pilates to Improve Lumbo-Pelvic RhythmLisa Jackson3PilatesITC
Load and Progressions Using the Pilates MethodLanette Gavran3PilatesITC
Pilates for HypermobilityKerry Etkin3PilatesITC
Multi-dimensional PostureSally Anderson3PilatesITC
Matwork ProgressionsLanette Gavran3PilatesITC
Hands to Arms to ShouldersSally Anderson3PilatesITC
So you want to start a Pilates Business
Ingrid Thompson3
Healthy Numbers
Science of StrengthDav
Beyond Core Control: Pilates and the Muscular SlingsDav
Science behind Stretching: Safe and Effective PNF and Facilitated Stretching TechniquesDav
Active Anatomy
Fascia and Foam Roller home study program
Merrin Martin1.5Active Anatomy
Manage a PracticeSelf Study4PilatesITC

**approved non-Pilates workshop