PAA Podcast

Welcome to the PAA Podcast

The PAA strives to continue promoting the expansion of the Pilates Method as a professional and valued healthcare and fitness discipline.

The PAA podcast aims to explore the many facets and layers of the Pilates industry through conversations with the community.

Series 7: Meet our 2023 PAA Conference Presenters

Find out a little more about our Presenters as we prepare for our 2023 Conference in Melbourne this August.

Series 6: Pilates Industry Content

Series 5: PAA Students and Graduates

The PAA has a growing number of student members joining our organization each year. They are the future of the Pilates industry and bring with them a fresh approach, which is invigorating and inspiring.

The PAA is dedicating podcast Series 5 to our student members to share with you a snippet of their student journeys. Their experiences, thoughts, and views shared with our community of Pilates professionals, advocates and members.

Oftentimes it is from students- both those engaged in formal training and those that regularly attend studio settings, that professional instructors and trainers learn the most. Their ability to provoke teachers to develop their teaching practices, improve communication skills and search for answers to unknown questions are some of the gifts that students offer.

This series of the podcast is hosted by PAA Committee Member, Daniela Di Fabio.

Series 4: PAA Professional Training Providers

Series 4 of the PAA podcast is focused on promoting the PAA Professional Training Providers.

By setting education benchmarks for Pilates training in Australia, the PAA enables prospective students to make the most informed decisions on their most suited training pathways.

Each episode in the series gives the spotlight to the current four Professional Pilates Training Providers associated with the PAA.

We’ll be discussing important issues around training standards because at this point, Pilates in Australia is an unregulated industry – so education is key.

Series 3: PAA Pilates Business Assets

In this series the PAA partners with David Gunther from Pilates Business and Pilates Can in Canberra. David and his wife and business partner Claire have worked for a long time in the industry and have huge value to bring the many new and long term and aspiring Pilates teachers and Pilates business owners.

The purpose of this series of the Podcast with David is to walk through a Ten Step Client Sales Journey process that he and his team have put together over many years. David and Claire originally presented this material at the 2019 PAA conference in Sydney, and following some updates over the COVID period we will review and expand on that material.

Series 2: Meet our Presenters (2021 Conference)

In the lead up to the PAA conference at the beginning of September, we touched base with each of the workshop presenters to record a series of short podcast episodes to introduce each of their upcoming sessions.

Series 1: An introduction to the PAA

Our guests in this series of the PAA Podcast are the current and recently retired executive of the PAA Committee; Robyn Rix, Chris Lavelle, Sharan Simmons (outgoing President). We’ll be discussing the core values of the PAA and what it stands for in the Australasian Pilates landscape.