PDP Workshop Application

Application for professional development program and workshop assessment

PAA professional development guidelines

The PAA liaise directly with providers to formally approve professional development programs for the allocation of professional development points (PDPs), allowing us to support and promote professional development opportunities to members.

PAA approved programs include both Pilates and non-Pilates based programs, and can be delivered either face-to-face or online.

Professional development programs, workshops or master classes must reflect learning that is beyond industry entry-level certification (Cert IV (mat work) or Diploma).

Approved Pilates method programs:

  • Must be a Pilates method workshop or master class presenting Pilates repertoire, skills, competencies and information that directly enhance a certified Pilates instructor’s professional development in the Pilates industry.
  • Applications should demonstrate the application of science/knowledge to Pilates repertoire on the Mat and or Pilates apparatus with specific repertoire examples provided.
  • Mat or equipment workshops that involve the use of props to enhance the performance/results of the mat/equipment work, will be considered for PDPs.
  • Must reflect learning that is beyond industry entry-level qualification (Cert IV or Diploma).
  • Must be delivered by minimum PAA Trainer Level 1, or international presenters must be an Elder, recognised second generation Pilates professional or Pilates Teacher Trainer with recognised international training program with minimum 5 years experience. Presenter CV to be provided.
  • Online programs must provide an access link to the full workshop to assess video/audio quality and ensure content is of an appropriate level.
  • Online assessments must include a minimum of 8-10 multiple choice or true/false questions per hour of content.

Programs that meet all the above requirements will attract 1 PDP* per hour.

*A maximum of 15 PDPs can be awarded for any one program.


Guidelines for workshop applications covering content for higher risk populations or advanced repertoire:

To maintain standards and ensure Australian medical guidelines are observed, presenters offering training that covers content for higher risk populations (populations that involve neurological and or physiological changes), are required to show a minimum of 16 hrs formal specialty training as well as evidence of practical experience teaching clients from the specific population. These guidelines relate specifically to neurological conditions, cancer, and pre and postnatal exercise.

PDP applications in these areas must also demonstrate that the workshop or class content includes the following:

  • Up to date references
  • Current medical guidelines for the subject, including clear contra-indications and modifications
  • Guidelines for assessing the client and conditions that should be referred on to a medical or health professional
  • A clear indication if participant’s can/cannot make changes to their scope of practice after attending the training
  • Presenters are also asked to consider that regardless of their qualification in the area, all content needs to address “Pilates Instructors” as the target audience. Presenters should recognise the limits to the scope of practice of this community and tailor content accordingly.

Guidelines for workshop applications teaching classical, advanced or archival repertoire:

Presenters of workshops in classical and archival repertoire must hold a PAA industry standard comprehensive certification in Classical Pilates (not including weekend, short courses or bridging qualifications) and have at least 5 years industry experience teaching the classical system, since that qualification.

Professional development workshops teaching advanced or archival repertoire should address contra-indications for all exercises. Much of the advanced/archival work uses load in extreme flexion/extension/rotation and workshop presenters need to address adequate safety precautions, a clear indication of the goals of the exercise, body types it can be used for and all contra-indications.

Approved Non-Pilates programs and workshops

  • Non-Pilates programs must include an extension of learning beyond qualification level in anatomy, physiology, pathology or business development.
  • The content must be related to Pilates and applications will need to demonstrate how the information will enhance the education of qualified Pilates instructors.
  • All workshops must be delivered by an acknowledged ‘expert’, or suitably qualified and respected individual in their field of study or profession. Presenter CV to be provided.
  • Online programs must provide an access link to the full workshop to assess video/audio quality and ensure content is of an appropriate level.
  • Online assessments must include a minimum of 8-10 multiple choice or true/false questions per hour of content.

Non Pilates Programs can be used to accrue a maximum 50% of the PDP allowance over a 2 year PDP period.

Approved anatomy, physiology, pathology programs will attract 1 PDP per hour up to the maximum awarded for Non -Pilates combined (10).

Business development  programs will attract 0.5 PDP per hour up to the maximum awarded for Non-Pilates combined (10).

Responsibilities of PAA Approved Workshop Organisers

Once your workshop is approved and PDPs are allocated, please follow these instructions to ensure your attendees are well informed and can claim their points easily:

Publicise using PAA logos and hashtags

Specially designed ‘PDP Approved’ logos are available to use in your marketing, confirming that your workshop has been approved for PDPs by the PAA (displayed). If have not yet been supplied with these please request them by emailing: support@pilates.org.au

Please use the following PAA hashtags in your social media marketing of the workshops:


Update PAA approved workshop listings

If you arrange any additional dates or need to reschedule a workshop, please notify us as soon as possible of the changes so that we can list them on the Approved Professional Development page of our website.

Issue a Certificate

To claim points, attendees must be issued with a certificate that includes the following as a minimum:

  • the organising body’s official business logo
  • the date of the workshop
  • the workshop title
  • the name of the presenter
  • the name of the attendee
  • the number of PDPs awarded
  • the PAA ‘PDP Approved’ logo

Checklist and Notes

Application checklist

To complete your application, you will need to provide the following:

  1. Your details including PAA membership number (if applicable)
  2. A comprehensive CV for each presenter which includes:
    • Outline of qualifications in the workshop field of study
    • Details of relevant teaching & presenting experience
  3. Details of the program, workshop or masterclass including:
    • Workshop title and overview
    • Content outline, outcomes and workshop notes/materials
    • Duration of workshop/program in contact hours
    • Pre-requisites for participants
    • Copy of the workshop/program assessment for online workshops (your assessment should address all workshop objectives)
    • Access link, if applying for an online workshop
    • Proposed dates and venues for the workshop/program
    • URL for workshop/program registration and information

Acceptable file format for document uploads: (pdf, jpg, png)

Fee schedule*

Assessment fee: $75

Fee for award of PDPs (includes 2 years advertising on PAA workshop listings page).

Note: The organiser is responsible for all aspects of scheduling and presenting the approved workshop and retains all income from ticket sales.

Program lengthMembers feesNon-members fees
half day: 1-4 hrs$60$120
full day: +4-8 hrs$120$240
two days: +8-16 hrs$180$360
multi day: +16 hrs$240$480

Allocated PDPs for workshop/programs are valid for 2 years, unless otherwise stated.

After two years all professional development programs need to be updated and re-assessed to ensure currency of content.

*All fees are GST inclusive.

Please email education@pilates.org.au for further information.


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