PDP Accrual Table

PDP Accrual Table

The accrual of PDPs is an important process for any professional, particularly in an industry that is constantly developing, evolving and applying new research and ideas. PDPs are evidence of the currency of your education and provide the PAA with a basis for maintaining your currency of membership and health fund requirements.

PDP Accrual Requirements:

  • 20 points for Full members and 15 for Matwork members over each two-year period (Student and Associate members are not required to show points).
  • A minimum of 5 PDPs in any one year.
  • A minimum of 50% PDPs must be accrued from Pilates specific workshops, master classes and PAA conference.
  • A minimum of 50% PDPs must be accrued from face to face workshops and courses.
  • A maximum of 15 PDPs may be awarded for any one program.

PDP accrual requirements outlined above will ensure members continuing education is spread evenly throughout their two-year membership period and currency of knowledge is maintained.

The PDP Accual Table below lists the ways in which members can accrue PDPs and specifies the maximum number of PDPs allocated to each each activity.

Ways to Accrue PDPsMaximum PDPsRegional Allowances
PAA approved Pilates specific workshops and master classes as listed on the website
no maximum
Advanced Diploma of Pilates Method15 PDPs
Pilates sessions with PAA Education Body faculty members or PAA Principal members @ 1 PDP per hour4 PDPs6 PDPs
Online workshops:

  • PAA approved as listed on the website

  • PMA approved, Pilates specific only
50% PDPs
Advanced anatomy, physiology, pathology and business courses @ 0.5 per hour

* Must provide presenter biography and detailed course outline

50% PDPs
Deliver PAA approved professional development workshop4 PDPs
Publish Pilates based academic research study (individually assessed)
6 PDPs
Publish Pilates industry article: PAA newsletter, industry journal

Pilates promotion article: national magazine (individually assessed)

2 PDPs
Non approved Pilates workshops @ 0.5 PDPs per hour if meet PAA criteria

* Must provide presenter biography and detailed course outline

20 PDPs
Pilates Alliance Australasia biennial conference15 PDPS
Pilates Method Alliance (US) annual conference15 PDPs