About Us

About The Pilates Association Australia

The Pilates Association Australia (PAA), formerly Pilates Alliance Australasia, is an independent and not-for-profit organisation established by the Pilates industry as an advisory body for regulation of quality instruction, member support and integrity within all legitimate approaches to the Pilates Method.

The PAA believes in an open approach to regulation and strives to ensure protection of the general public, industry employees and studios, whilst continuing to foster the original intentions of the Pilates Method.

Mission Statement

The mission of the PAA is to advance the interests of the Pilates industry and its practitioners, and promote the discipline to the public and other health professionals.

Our Aim

  • to promote understanding and regulation of quality instruction within studios and Pilates training programs
  • to encourage relevant knowledge, skills and application for clients or students of the Pilates Method
  • to create an industry based on competency and the flow of legitimate, informed and non-biased information
  • to set professional standards and maintain the integrity of Pilates Method instruction, education and information
  • to maintain industry authenticity through certification programs that trace directly back to Joseph Pilates’ instruction, whilst also acknowledging modern scientific understanding of body movement
  • to support and inform the general public in the safe and inspiring implementation of the Pilates Method
  • to be a proactive body and promote professional Pilates practitioners, their education and contribution to the Australian health and wellbeing industry
  • to progress the profession of Pilates, its workplace standards and career paths.

Ethical Marketing of Services

The PAA states its intention to market services in a clear and factual manner at all times. The PAA will not provide false or misleading information in any promotional material or marketing programs and the PAA undertakes not to draw false or misleading comparisons with any other association or organisation.

The PAA gives an undertaking that agents used in the promotion and distribution of its services or information will be selected for their integrity, honesty and reliability.

Member Grievance Procedures

Member grievance procedures are outlined in the PAA constitution. Members seeking advice on any issue are invited to contact the public officer or the committee in writing as soon as possible. It is the PAA’s policy that grievances are dealt with promptly and efficiently.

The PAA ensures compliance with the relevant Commonwealth, State, and Territory legislation, and regulatory requirements outlined in the Associations Incorporation Act of 2009.

Human Resources

  • All elected members of the committee, the public officer and all sub-committees undertake their positions voluntarily. All committee members are required to maintain their industry expertise and full membership of the PAA according to the criteria and guidelines set down by the PAA.
  • PAA administration staff are employed under the terms and conditions outlined in the relevant administrative award. All employees and voluntary workers for the PAA are selected according to statutory protocols and obligations.