Bushfire recovery, How else can we help?

The Impact of Bushfire Activity on Regional Members

We were recently contacted by PAA member Anne Heuperman whose town, Bright, has been quite severely impacted by recent bushfire activity. While they have been fortunate enough to not suffer any loss of infrastructure or lives, the town has been deserted at the time of year when it is normally heaving with tourists.

Every business has been affected – from the obvious hospitality businesses, to those who experiencing the knock on effect of this economic loss to the community (Pilates instructors, hairdressers – even offices who had to close while staff were evacuated multiple times over two weeks).

We have members all along the NSW South Coast, Snowy Mountains and Gippsland and also in South Australia who will have been affected by these devastating fires.

Bushfire Aid Events

The PAA has already seen members in many areas working hard to fund raise and gather donations with special events, but could the PAA and its members come together to roll out similar bushfire aid events on a wider scale?  Taking them into the communities that have been directly affected?

Anne’s suggestion is that we use our member network to bring together instructors and studios affected (either by asset loss or loss of staff, or clients) with educators who would like to travel to these areas and lend their knowledge and expertise.

We agree that this is a fantastic way for the PAA and the broader Pilates community to support its regional members. These towns are in for a long, long road to recovery and this kind of action can mean a huge amount.

So, we are putting a call out for:

  • Educators who are able/willing to offer their services and visit a bushfire affected area to deliver a workshop
  • Members with studios in affected areas who would like to be a host venue for a workshop

The PAA will be a simple go-between, introducing presenters to hosts and venues so that they can organise events.

We’ll also donate free advertising to publicise these bushfire relief workshops, to encourage instructors living in the city to attend a regional town for a PD workshop, and join the #emptyesky and #shoptosupport social media campaigns running at the moment

Come and get involved! Email: info@pilates.org.au