2020 Member Survey Results

A Sneak Peek at the first few questions!

We received a great response to the 2020 Member Survey recently, with roughly 50% of members completing the questionnaire. Quite an achievement considering the time of year, with other news and events competing for attention – thank you to everyone who shared their views!

The results are still under review, but in the meantime here is a sneak peek at some interesting facts from the first few questions.

It was interesting to note…

Q1.      What PAA member level are you currently?

Almost 33% of all respondents are currently members at Level 1, which roughly matches our database figures too. In fact, the % spread of levels in survey respondents was very similar to the database – a reassuring check that suggests the results might be taken as representative of our overall membership.

Q2.     When was your last upgrade?

About 68% of members have upgraded within the past 5 years, with over a third (36%) of them upgrading within the past year. That leaves roughly 12.5% who haven’t upgraded for 6 years or more, and 19.5% who have never upgraded – might they be students & mat members perhaps?

Q3.    Which of the following classes do you teach? Select all that apply.

(We feel that the graph for question 3 speaks for itself)

2020 Members Survey - Q3

Q4.        For you, what is the most important reason for being a member of PAA? Please choose from the dropdown list.

The top three answers:

  1. Professional recognition as a Pilates instructor/ teacher (respect/credibility/validation) 44%
  2. To support recognition of Pilates as a profession 14.22%
  3. Stay current with education, skills and knowledge/professional development 10.55%


More to come soon!