From the Committee: February 2020

Our first committee meeting for 2020

The agenda was full, all subcommittees tabled reports on projects underway and regular tasks with discussion and decisions taken to move the projects forward. It’s always a very busy day and I want to thank the all the committee members who give up their time and studios to attend, both in person and via Zoom. Our face to face meetings allow us to openly discuss topics and issues and understand or at least appreciate all sides and opinions.

Expanding membership levels

During 2019 the Committee became aware that there is a gap growing between education/career paths for Pilates instructors in Australia and opportunities for working instructors to join the PAA as a member.

Discussion at the Education and Industry Forum in September led to an announcement at the AGM that an expansion of PAA membership levels would be investigated.  The Committee have since been busy drafting new membership levels which will better recognise current employment areas and reflect the scope of the Pilates profession.

After much discussion and consultation the new membership levels are being finalised. New or updated scope of practice documents will be implemented. All affected members will be notified before launch.

Mat membership will be renamed – Group membership and extended to include qualified reformer instructors who meet PAA criteria.

A new level of membership will be introduced – Comprehensive membership. This will be open to comprehensively trained instructors from courses that meet PAA criteria. Individual instructors can apply and have their training assessed against the PAA criteria. The Education committee is currently working with key training providers not already recognised by the PAA to map their course content to PAA criteria.

Full membership will be renamed to Professional membership and the current levels will remain the same (Level 1-Principal Trainer)

Graduate Level 1 is to be retired as a term and existing GL1 members will be absorbed into Professional Level 1. The first year of discounted membership will still apply when upgrading with a recognised Diploma.

Conference 2021

The 2021 conference planning is underway with discussions and actions focused on WHERE, WHEN and WHO. The feedback and input from the 2019 conference delegate survey and the recent member survey have provided a solid base for planning. Last year’s event was amazing and we are working to make this one even better.

PAA Meetups

Planning for our first Meetups are underway and details will be announced soon. We will run these as trial events to test format and gauge interest. This will provide us with a blueprint / template to help set up events around the country.

If you have put your hand up to host a Meetup we will be in touch very soon to discuss what your area needs and set a date. Anybody else want to host? Simply send us an email.