Book Review: Pilates Anatomy – 2nd Edition

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Video Transcript

Pilates Anatomy – 2nd Edition by Rael Isacowitz and Karen Clippinger, published by Human Kinetics.

Pilates Anatomy – 2nd Edition is a comprehensive reference that comes highly recommended to help Pilates practitioners of all levels deepen their knowledge and application of anatomy in the Pilates setting.

As a long-time lover and learner of anatomy and Pilates, but not yet having spent time under the tutelage of either author, I read the book feeling very much at ease with the extensive attention to detail and quality of language used throughout.  It goes without saying that the authors are outstanding leaders in the global Pilates community, and this book reflects their commitment and generosity to share their knowledge in the most well captured and easily digestible way.

Application of anatomy to Pilates exercises

Illustrated with an x-ray vision in mind, the demonstration of the exercises is top-class, and the overlay of the 3-dimensionally accurate anatomical structures involved in each movement speaks volumes for the in-depth knowledge that the authors bring to the subject.

The modifications, progressions and variations provided with each exercise have been well thought out and the groupings of the exercises to work the body in similar ways makes it very clear with how to achieve uniform development of muscles logically and methodically. The indexing of the exercises and the muscle focus of each are well laid out and easy to reference, making the navigation of the detailed information very helpful.

Inclusive of many Pilates styles

I think it’s also important to note the universal inclusivity and maturity that is spoken throughout the book, with particular references made to different schools of thought – as the authors have evidently spent many years in the conversation of many differing viewpoints on the topic.  The beautiful way in which the authors have articulated the differences of approach and spoken to each of them is the most neutral that I have come across, and makes the book even more endearing.

In summary, Pilates Anatomy, 2nd Edition comes with the highest recommendation and will have you returning time and time again to review your exercise and anatomy understanding in both your practice and your teaching of Pilates.

Enjoy the read!

Bruce Hildebrand, Ordinary Committee Member