What are the different levels of membership?

The PAA offer several levels of membership based on qualifications and experience:

Associate Member

For persons with an interest in the Pilates Method and its application who have not completed recognised or comprehensive training according to other PAA membership categories e.g. Physical therapists, fitness leaders, clients, general public.


For students who are actively completing a training course with a PAA recognised provider. On completion of their study PAA students are entitled a 30% discount on their first membership upgrade.

Group Instructor

For Pilates instructor who are qualified with a PAA recognised Mat or Reformer qualification or historical equivalent.

Studio Instructor

For Pilates instructors who are comprehensively qualified with a PAA recognised Studio qualification.

Professional Instructor

For Pilates instructor who are qualified with a PAA recognised Diploma qualification or historical equivalent.

For more information on PAA membership requirements please visit: Membership Categories