What are the aims/objectives of the PAA?

PAA Mission Statement

To advance the interests of the Pilates industry, and promote the discipline to the general public and other allied health professionals.

PAA Aims

  • to promote understanding and regulation of quality instruction within studios and Pilates training programs
  • to encourage relevant knowledge, skills and application for clients or students of the Pilates Method
  • to create an industry based on competency and the flow of legitimate, informed and non-biased information
  • to set professional standards and maintain the integrity of Pilates Method instruction, education and information
  • to maintain industry authenticity through certification programs that trace directly back to Joseph Pilates’ instruction, whilst also acknowledging modern scientific understanding of body movementn
  • to support and inform the general public in the safe and inspiring implementation of the Pilates Method
  • to be a proactive body within Australian allied health industries
  • to promote professional Pilates practitioners, their education and contribution to the Australian health and wellbeing industry
  • to progress the profession of Pilates, its workplace standards and career paths.