The Pilates Profession in Australia: Continuing the road to recognition…

The role of your industry body

The PAA strives to educate members and potential members, on the importance of a professional industry body.

The PAA provides professional recognition and regulation in an otherwise unregulated industry. Being a member offers much more than a health fund provider number or discounts on supplies. The PAA provides an ever-expanding platform for members’ skills and experience to be recognised and promoted, both within the industry and the broader community.

The PAA is working on multiple fronts to ensure long-term recognition and acclaim for the industry and members alike.

Over the past four years the PAA has worked to improve governance and infrastructure within the organisation and the industry. This has included refinement of the strategic plan 2016-2020, revision of the constitution and ongoing assessment of internal processes to support best governance and maintain professional development standards. We have also continued to provide feedback and recommendations to the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) on education standards.

These works are of vital importance to the long-term sustainability and productivity of the organisation. Additionally, we have worked to provide immediate and tangible benefits to our members, such as access to research journals, retail discounts, improved insurance options, informative webinars and our extremely popular and valued conferences.

Update on changes to health insurance rebates

The recent changes to rebates are disappointing. The Federal Government is reviewing all areas of complimentary/allied health and medical services and further changes to current rebates are expected across all health sectors.

We expect that these changes over a 12-month period will result in a maximum cost of $200.00 out of pocket. We believe this is a small price to pay when you consider the significant benefits of Pilates. At this point we must continue to provide excellent professional services to our clients and focus on creating awareness of both the benefits of Pilates and the importance of the PAA in maintaining and developing standards within the industry.

The PAA is working hard on your behalf to open up an ongoing dialogue with health authorities, members of parliament across all political parties, as well important stakeholders such as a key labour lobbyist, Associations Forum and the Australian Physiotherapy Association.

All parties have been very helpful in assisting us to develop a strategy for greater recognition of Pilates as a profession.

Launching a full campaign to lobby government is beyond the financial capacity of the PAA; instead we must work as a community with a common purpose, taking small steps wherever possible to raise the public profile of Pilates. We invite you to be a part of this process. Please speak with your clients and encourage them to petition their insurance or health fund provider and importantly, their local member of Parliament and educate them as to the preventative and ongoing health benefits of Pilates

Associations Forum Membership and Conference

We have recently become a member of the Associations Forum and are working closely with CEO Mr John Peacock. John is assisting the committee to develop action points working towards professional recognition of Pilates by both the community and governments alike.

Recently, four members of the PAA committee attended the 2018 Associations Forum conference.  These annual conferences bring together an impressive array of professionals working within associations across many sectors.  The conference provided the perfect opportunity via presentations, workshops and open forum discussion groups, to network with and learn from professionals across many different industries.

Some of the topics covered advocacy and how to be heard (a very valuable presentation given the current cuts to health fund rebates), improving membership opportunities, educational opportunities for members, improved technology and social media. All presentations and discussions attended were highly relevant and have provided the committee with ideas and networking opportunities to continue working on setting benchmarks for our industry and providing the best service for our members.

The Education Forum 2018

We have set a date in September for our annual PAA Industry and Education Forum where we meet with the directors of our education bodies. Education bodies are key stakeholders in the PAA and it is imperative that we continue to foster healthy and productive relationships with them, in order to implement our common goals.

The 4-hour forum will look at recognition of the Pilates profession, membership drives, education standards, compliance and continuing education nationally and globally. We will be reviewing presenter requirements for professional development courses and also looking at the possibility of national and international strategic partnerships with other industry bodies.

Have a voice in your organisation

Finally, the PAA continues to build on its sound organisational foundation with identified strategies and logistics in place to allow it to grow and be recognised as a leading professional body in both the fitness and allied health industries.

We always welcome your suggestions and contributions, so get involved, drop us an email or join the conversation on one of our social media platforms: