President’s Report August 2018

Jen Guest PAA President

Jen Guest PAA President

Welcome to our August newsletter all.

We continue our road to recognition through our ongoing support of research and development in the science and clinical outcomes of Pilates. Through these academic ways, we intend to provide the evidence of reasoning as to why the Pilates Method is to remain recognised as a significant tool for rehabilitation, fitness, wellness and injury prevention. With the population aging, the health dollar is a point of focus in maintaining health and wellbeing. Reducing injury and the ill effects of postural imbalance will reduce the load on areas of required active medical care. Collectively as a membership group, we can all be a part of this marketing to local government members, general practitioners, community leaders, our allied health colleagues, in fact anyone interested. No conversation is too small. The more we talk, the more we are heard. We do not want the Pilates Method to be dismissed by government collectives as a non-validated modality.

There are in fact only 13 months left until the PAA Conference 2019, September 13th – 15th at the Sydney International Convention Centre, Darling Harbor. There is a new exhibition space available to us making the upcoming conference bigger and, quite possibly, better than the last. More presenters, more listed workshops, more classes, more expo stands and of course much more fun.

The committee will be progressively reworking the PAA website over the coming year. We are creating a more user friendly and informative site to navigate. The member’s login area will hold a number of additional resources, guidelines and go to documents for building on continuing education, business support, marketing and industry based information.

I trust that many of you have taken advantage of the interesting webinar series currently running. We would like to thank Ingrid Thompson from Health Numbers and Sally Arnold from Creating Encores for the engaging and informative webinars, designed specifically for our members. Both presenters arrive with an amazing knowledge base and depth of experience. In addition, the PAA has had the opportunity to tap into webinars from associated science groups. The wide subject matter will be sure to reach each and every one of you.

This will be the final report I write as President of the PAA. Ten years ago I joined the general committee with the need to understand more inherently the journey of Pilates from Germany to New York and Australia.  In addition, I wished to become involved in the wider Pilates community and give back. Over the past decade I have watched the PAA grow into a significant Professional Industry Association, recognised by Pilates instructors, Pilates equipment providers, educational bodies, alternate industry associations and the general public. It is such a positive experience to be contacted by media and service providers as the recognisable lead industry representative in Australia. Over the coming decade, I am confident that the PAA will significantly increase its membership base, its working committee size and support platform, its ability to represent and provide even more for each of member. My personal belief is the Pilates Industry should sit alongside as a recognised adjunct to the Allied Health sector, which in turn supports the medical and wellness world.

Where to for me? I will continue on the education faculty for Polestar Pilates Australia, continue with my Allied Health Clinic and have transitioned over to the Australian Physiotherapy Association SA Branch Council. With the desire to continue with Governance work, I hope to learn and grow further and will always be a support from afar for my Pilates Alliance Australasia.

I wish each and every one of you all of the very best in the amazing work you do, the amazing service you provide and the balanced philosophies you bring to this world and its people. I will say good bye in person to you all at the 2019 Conference where I will be standing on the other side of the desk.

Thank you to all the committee members whom I have worked with past and present. Thank you to the diligent and hard working staff, contractors and consultants who are an absolute necessity in running the PAA.

Thank you everyone, for the opportunity to work with, represent and learn from such a wonderful cohort of human beings. I am so very grateful.

Jen x