Ten Step Pilates Client Sales Journey

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10 Step Pilates Client Sales Journey

by David & Claire Gunther.

Do you know your client’s sales journey? Placing yourself in the shoes of your typical client will help you to know how you can best help them on that journey.

This investment of your focus will then help you to continually attract and retain Pilates clients.

Conversely, if you are blissfully unaware of your client’s important “sticking points”, on their journey with you, then this will put your client at a higher risk of abandoning their Pilates journey anywhere along the way.


Did you know that you can use specific assets to assist your clients, make their Pilates journey easier, and therefore more likely to continue to a point where they may actually-do your advertising for you?

If you are an instructor working within another business, you should use whatever assets the business makes available.  And if you are the business owner then you definitely need to be developing these assets.

Let’s look at the first step of the “Ten Step Pilates Client Sales Journey”, the Inquiry, to examine some of these assets.  Without an “Inquiry” we do not get to share the wonderful benefits of Pilates at all.  It is the first step along what can be a relatively smooth or rocky path, depending on the assets that you are using to smooth that path and lead the prospective client.

Here below is a graphical representation of the various main assets used by www.pilatescan.com.au to assist their clients at this extremely important part of their journey. Note that most are digital assets but that others are physical, usually paper assets such as flyers or inquiry forms.

Again, instructors need to be able to use these assets effectively, for example when a prospective client walks into the studio, perhaps while you are instructing some real paying clients.  Whilst you need to look after the real paying clients as your top priority, an inquiry form will allow an instructor, caught in this situation, to still “look after” the inquiry by facilitating their ability to leave their details on an inquiry form.

The prospect may not leave their details if the Pilates business owner has not, developed, printed and made the forms available.  Also, it is desirable for the business owner to provide some training to their instructors on how to handle these situations to achieve the best possible outcomes.

A Pilates prospect’s progression to an effective “Presentation” and then hopefully an initial sale, will depend heavily on how that preceding step of the “Inquiry” is handled.  All steps in the journey rely heavily on the success of the previous steps. No progression in the journey at any point could = no client.