Book Review: Your Strong Sexy Pregnancy A Yoga and Fitness Plan By Desi Bartlett

Don’t be put off by the title, this book goes deeper than “sexy”, it is well written and has some good information regarding pregnancy for your clients. However, if you’re looking for Pilates based content this is not Pilates based, focusing more on yoga and fitness.

The book is divided into easy sections for clients to use as a reference book through their pregnancy:

Part1: Plan for a Strong Pregnancy

Part2: Prepare for Birth

Part3: Practices for Recovery and Results

Included is a helpful “Pose and Exercise Finder” which lays out the appropriateness of each yoga pose in the trimesters and postnatal periods. There are also stories of other peoples experience which will give readers some ideas for strategies.

Overall, this would be a great book for clients to read if they wanted to use Yoga at home during their pregnancy.

Note: The book states that it is suitable for a fit and well pregnancy. As a physiotherapist, I would certainly advise readers to liaise with their health professional before using.


Susan Cottrell

PAA Committee, The Body Refinery, Brisbane