Podcasts Featuring Pilates Men

Pilates Men on Air

One of the benefits of listening to podcasts on my daily walk is discovering Pilates instructors from all over the world – some “famous”, some relatively unknown, but each with interesting perspectives and backgrounds. (Don’t we all like to hear how people “discover” Pilates?)

I have been encouraged to come across so many men in this space. Here are a few interviews I have particularly enjoyed:

The Core Conversations Podcast (with Martin Reid): Martin originally worked in Social Services and found he could help people through fitness (some people find it easier to talk when they are working out than seated with a Counsellor). That led him to Pilates. He is a skilled interviewer and dives deep into the lives and passions of friends and colleagues. In Episode 21 Jason Williams talks about the inspiration behind his newest Children’s book Frankie Does Pilates and Martin and Jason strategise how to get more men into Pilates. Episodes 15 (Benjamin Degenhardt) and 16 (John Gary) are also worth a listen.

Matt Marney Fitness Show :Matt is a cockney personal trainer and Pilates instructor living in Dubai. In Episode 29 he chats to Paul Thornley who comes from a massage background and whose interest in fascia led to a second career in Pilates. Episode 37 features Nathan Gardner, Pilates educator and former international Skier, talking about many different approaches used by the modern Pilates teacher. The conversation in Episode 14 with Adam McAtee revolves around motor learning, cueing, and positive reinforcement.

Non Pilates Podcasts

Other podcasts I subscribe to that aren’t particularly Pilates but are to do with movement are:

Perry Nickelston: Stop Chasing Pain Perry is a Chiropractic Physician and has a wide range of guests e.g.  Episode 161: Born to Walk with James Earls, Episode 168: Oxygen Advantage with Patrick McKeown.

Just Fly Performance Podcast Joel Smith is a strength coach and his podcasts can get very technical and go way over my head. I still like to dip in and listen though, because he is a good interviewer, has some interesting guests and I always learn something. Try Episode 193 with Nick Winkelman on The Language of Coaching and Skill Acquisition.

Corewalking Podcast: A Step in the Right Direction  Jonathan Fitzgordon and Alex Mabilon are yoga teachers but Jonathan’s explanations make anatomy very accessible and yoga knowledge is not necessary except for the occasional need to google Chaturanga.

Pilates Alliance Podcast

A discussion of stimulating podcasts featuring Pilates men wouldn’t be complete without a mention of our very own Pilates Alliance Podcast. Bruce Hildebrand’s conversations with recent PAA conference presenters: Benjamin Degenhardt, Episode 2, and Wade Edwell, Episode 8 of Season 2, round off my list. Enjoy!


Karen Goh
PAA Committee Member