Choose Pilates for Health & Wellbeing

Pilates for health and Wellbeing

Joseph Pilates’ unique exercise philosophy integrates mind and body by bringing attention to the quality of movement during exercise and everyday life.

Joseph Pilates developed his system of floor work and spring-based apparatus exercises, now known by his surname, in the 1920s. Focus is placed on breath, alignment, concentration and controlled, precise movement which makes it an effective exercise system for physical conditioning, injury rehabilitation and prevention.

Everyone can benefit from Pilates

Providing the instructor is appropriately experienced or qualified, people of all ages and fitness levels can benefit from Pilates classes.

Regular practitioners of Pilates experience the following improvements:

  • improved posture
  • core strength and stability
  • increased muscle tone and muscle balance
  • joint mobility and stability
  • improved flexibility and range-of-movement
  • increased body awareness and co-ordination
  • enhanced vitality, stamina and performance
  • injury prevention and rehabilitation

Pilates for Athletes and Dancers

Pilates enhances the performance of those who practise it by developing core control and dynamic stability through flowing, controlled movement sequences. Over time, these elements translate into improvements in strength, power and stamina. Therefore, Pilates is a system that improves movement efficiency, thus preventing injuries and overcoming any performance blocks.

The system of exercises devised by Joseph Pilates is versatile and flexible so that programs can be adapted to create the desired results. For athletes, a sport-specific program can be devised to address muscle imbalances from repetitive movement, or to target specific weaknesses. Alternatively, for dancers a dance-specific program would be tailored to improve elongation, back extension, turnout, balance, stability and desired lines.

Pilates Industry Standards

The Pilates Alliance of Australasia (PAA) is an independent not-for-profit organisation, established by the Pilates industry as a regulatory body for the control of quality and integrity in the instruction of the Pilates method. All members of the PAA are professionally trained Pilates instructors who have undertaken a comprehensive education program that meets the PAA’s strict standards and criteria, including a minimum of 500 hours of Pilates specific training.

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