Retiring President’s Report

Jen Guest PAA Outgoing President

Jen Guest PAA Outgoing President

I have the lucky pleasure of writing to you all just one last time, more so as a past president.

The PAA annual general meeting was held just over a week ago on the 16th November at the Adina Hotel, in Sydney with 23 members attending (14 in person and 9 via Zoom link).

I congratulate Sharan Simmons, the elected President of the PAA. Sharan’s passion, dedication to and desire for the Pilates Industry both here in Australia and internationally, is her point of call. The position of Vice President has been taken by Chris Lavelle. Chris has been a dedicated committee member of the PAA for 4 years and a vital contributor to the education, research and conference sub committees. The role of the Treasurer has been taken on by Robyn Rix: a very warm welcome to the committee Robyn. Our long standing Secretary Mary McArthur will continue in her role for one more year, when she will reach maximum tenure of service.

Continuing ordinary members are Lisa Jackson and Joanne Bezzina, with Ella Wong being re elected into another 3 year term. Newly elected members are Susan Cottrell and Felicia Darbyshire-Pirie: both of these ladies will provide a strong governance focused direction to the committee. I am very confident this committee will further grow the PAA beyond what it has become today. The fresh energetic feel of this group have already generated a number of ideas and plans to roll out over the coming year. I look forward to hearing and watching these developments.

I would like to sincerely thank, for their commitment and hard efforts in their roles for the PAA over the past 3 years, Jeremy Hunt and Helen Stamatakos. Their contributions have been great in volume and have contributed with the growth in policies and procedures of the organisation during your terms. I would also like to thank Nicholas Psarros who stepped in for a 6 month casual term, to fill a mid term vacancy. Nicholas’s input to the committee, especially with communication strategy procedures were considerable. I am sorry that he chose not to elect for committee.

Applications for national presenters for the 2019 PAA Conference have been submitted and workshops, classes and presenters will be announced soon. The response was overwhelming and it is very enlightening to see the breadth of knowledge and skill across Australia.

There has been an addition to the PAA website as part of the remodeling program. This is a feedback tool based on performance optimisation, which can be found on the front page of the PAA website. I would love for you to familiarise yourselves with this area, provide us with thoughts and ideas and allow us to better provide for you.

The PAA now stands as a member of the Associations Forum and is engaging in their mentorship program. This further provides us with networking opportunities and up to date information on governance, industry leadership and strategy, continuing our focus on professionalism and recognition.

Over the last five years we have seen the introduction of vocational levels of Pilates education in Australia. We have also seen a vast change in the delivery of the Pilates Method in style, from classical individual sessions in small studios through to large commercial classes in fitness environments. The PAA are following these changes and working to educate the community and maintain education standards through all levels of instructor delivery style. More recently we have heard from the Australian Government and Private Health Insurance about proposed changes to rebates. The PAA have increased the work toward the recognition of the Pilates professional in response.

Once again, thank you to all the committee members with whom I have worked, past and present. I am very excited to see the fresh general committee come to leadership role. Thank you to the diligent and hard working staff, contractors and consultants who are an absolute necessity in running the PAA. Thank you everyone, for the opportunity to work with, represent and learn from such a wonderful cohort of human beings. I am so very grateful.

Everyone have a lovely summer season and Christmas New Year period. I really look forward to seeing you all at the Conference in Sydney in September 2019. Bye for now.

Jen x