PAA Launches Pilates Podcast

A Podcast featuring Pilates Industry Conversations

The PAA is committed to improving communication and community conversation in the Pilates industry. With this in mind, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of the PAA Podcast this week.  Hosting the podcast will be engaging and effervescent PAA Committee Member, Bruce Hildebrand, with early episodes featuring a broad overview of the PAA and everything it stands for. We’ll also be discussing recent activities and projects of the committee.

In the early stages of the podcast we wanted to lay down some foundational information. Therefore, the first episode (linked above) is a general welcome and introduction discussing the core values of the PAA and what it stands for in the Australasian Pilates landscape. We have three guests from the executive of the PAA Committee in this episode; Sharan Simmons (President), Robyn Rix (Treasurer), and Chris Lavelle (Vice President).

Future episodes of the PAA Podcast will explore the many facets and layers of the Pilates industry through conversations with our community as the PAA strives to continue promoting the expansion of the Pilates Method as a professional and valued healthcare and fitness discipline.

The conference is fast approaching, so we have also caught up with our Australian and International presenters. They are fabulous people with very interesting stories! We look forward to sharing them with you in coming weeks as we get to know them and discover more about their workshops. Watch out for announcements on our socials and find their interviews on your favourite podcast feed. There will also be a dedicated podcast page added to our website very soon!

Future episodes of the podcast will explore a wide range of information, resources, and support to inform and entertain you. The PAA podcast will thrive on contributions from the Pilates community. So, if there’s a topic you’d like to see featured or a conversation you’d like to share on the podcast, then we’d love to hear from you.

You can help expand the message of the PAA by sharing the podcast with your network of friends and colleagues.


Have a great idea for a PAA Podcast topic, or a guest you’d like to hear?

Send your topics, questions and suggestions to:


A bit about Bruce…

Bruce Hildebrand is the Tensegrity Training Course Provider for Victoria delivering the nationally accredited Cert IV and Diploma of Contemporary Pilates and Teaching Methodology.

He owned Balance & Control Pilates Studio in Melbourne from 2004, building to 3 locations and 20 practitioners, and is currently developing a booking platform to increase efficiency and profit for Studio Owners and Instructors through better studio space utilisation – the TRIMIO app is launching in October 2021.

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