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Free Webinar for 1 PDP - How to Turn a Lump of Coal Into Diamonds

For members who are looking for that extra PDP to get them over the line, there is now a third FREE webinar in the member’s area that will accrue 1 PDP once you have viewed it and completed the assessment.

Recorded a couple of weeks ago with Adrienne Varga of Focus GDT, How to Turn a Lump of Coal Into Diamonds brings mindset + business together with practical & effective suggestions for you to use right now during lock-down & for anyone who wants to be prepared with an action plan for the next one.

During the webinar, Adrienne shows how you can turn these lock-downs & other unforeseen challenging events into opportunities to grow & strengthen your business, as well as your mindset.

Adrienne also takes you through some simple & practical Response + Action Plans including supporting documents.

Included during the session:

  • 80/20 Principles
  • Respond vs React
  • Comfort Zone – What is it?
  • Perspective & how to view things differently
  • What happens when you step out of your Comfort Zone
  • Discipline vs regret
  • What to do when unforeseen events happen
  • Why your subconscious mind really runs the show & how you can change it.
  • A list of practical suggestions for turning coal into diamonds

To access the webinar, the accompanying handouts and the assessment simply log in to your membership profile and look under Resources.

About Focus GDT:

Adrienne Varga Founder – Vision Leader, Senior Business Mentor & NLP Practitioner
Jodie Fielden Co Founder & Resident Conceptual Thinker

We are passionate about helping business owners in the Wellness industry grow & strengthen their business by bringing mindset & business together. By creating specific & custom tailored strategies for business owners & their businesses with clearly defined plans designed to ensure their business thrives.

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