OneMusic Australia: Does your Pilates business need a music licence?

I sometimes play music when I teach Pilates. Do I need a OneMusic licence?

If the music is protected by Copyright then you need permission of some kind – either with the copyright owners themselves – or with an annual blanket licence from OneMusic Australia.

If you are instructing Pilates in your own studio or if you are a freelance instructor who conducts classes in locations other than a fitness centre their OneMusic’s Fitness Centre and Fitness & Wellbeing Instructors licence scheme may apply to your business.

OneMusic’s licence scheme covers the use of OneMusic’s music* in the background of your studio or during classes.

How much?

If you are using a digital music (streaming) service to play background music the fee would start at $636.84 a year, around $2 a day. Music coming from a radio or a CD have less ‘copyrights’ in use, so licence fees for these devices are lower; minimum fee $225.98 a year.

If your Pilates tuition is timetabled rather than client appointments, and you have OneMusic’s music* playing, this is a considered music in a class. Rates start at $3.36 per class (for less than 10 clients) plus an annual fee for streamed music – if that’s your choice of device – at $410.86.

For Pilates instructors playing music* while teaching in physiotherapy, rehabilitation or similar settings a different licence scheme may apply to the venue where you are teaching. Speak to OneMusic about music licence fees for this specialist instruction.

OneMusic is reaching out to the Pilates and yoga sectors in the coming months to ensure a music licence is in place if one is required. They aim to reach all Pilates businesses by September 2022 and would be more than happy to hear from you if you have any questions about licencing and how music is used in your Pilates business.

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*OneMusic Australia’s licence covers the vast majority of all commercially released music from around the world.


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