A Message to Members from the PAA

Let us start this message by saying that these are extraordinary times, and they require extraordinary kindness and patience. We understand everyone is stressed and survival instincts are kicking in.

Yesterday we were made aware of an exception being granted in NSW to a Pilates studio to continue to trade with adherence to set guidelines. We have spoken to the studio owner who informed us that she had contacted the NSW Minister of Health’s office, because she felt, as many do, that Pilates was not a sport or gym activity. She asked for permission to stay open for small group and private classes. She received information from the Health Ministers office on Monday afternoon that this was a grey area. However, after confirming class sizes, compliance with distancing and hygiene measures, she was told she could continue to operate if her insurance would cover these activities. Her decisions were a temporary measure only, based on the information she was given, and the studio is now closed.

For the information of BMS insurance holders, BMS has highlighted that in most circumstances insurers have declared COVID-19 as an exclusion. BMS has also confirmed that PAA policy holders are covered for live streaming and recorded classes, as long as instructors are operating within their scope of practice. BMS advise that you update your waiver to cover these new circumstances.

Yesterday the PAA again reached out to government for clarification on the closures, however last night Stage 2 measures were announced by the Prime Minister. These indicated we are moving towards tighter restrictions and directed for the public to stay home where possible. The PAA strongly encourage all members to follow this directive.

Online Pilates is an exciting place right now, let us put our focus and attention there. We can support each other in the set up and delivery of this much needed service to our wonderful clients.  There are a lot of great resources being freely shared across the broader Pilates community and we will continue to share these with you.

Our efforts are focused on bringing you accurate up to date information and resources as they become available.  If you have any concerns or useful information to share, please email the PAA directly We do not have the resources to effectively monitor social media groups and discussions. Email is the best contact as this can easily be replied to by staff or assigned to committee to seek an answer. Help us use our time effectively to keep you informed: as a volunteer committee of instructors and studio owners we are also trying to navigate these changes and look after our own clients.

Sharan Simmons & Chris Lavelle

PAA President & Vice President

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