Code of Practice

Code of Practice – Full Members

Full Members of the PAA commit to abide by the following guidelines:

  • To work within the scope of your training:
    • Level 1: apparently healthy and low risk clientele under the guidance of a Full member at Level 2 or above; or
    • Level 2 and above: may include clients with moderate risk injuries or conditions relevant to the level and scope of your training.
  • To adhere to client to instructor ratios of:
    • a maximum of 4:1 ratio in a studio setting;
    • a maximum of 12:1 in a matwork or group class setting with a Level One instructor; or
    • a maximum of 20:1 in a matwork or group class setting with a Level two or above instructor.
  • To maintain a Full Membership with the PAA and abide by its constitution, rules, codes and guidelines.
  • To work within an allied health network, limit any advice to the Pilates Method, and refer clients to other health professionals when their condition is outside the scope of practice of a Pilates instructor.
  • To discontinue training a client who has a condition, injury or symptoms beyond the scope of practice and experience of the instructor.
  • To appropriately screen and induct clients, record and track client information and progress, and write reports as required.
  • To behave in a professional, courteous and appropriate manner at all times.
  • To maintain the highest levels of safety in practice and instruction of the Pilates Method.
  • To know and abide by the relevant legislation, including but not limited to the regulation of:
    • privacy;
    • anti-discrimination;
    • trade practices and fair trading;
    • health professional practice;
    • occupational health and safety; and
    • child protection.
  • To promote and maintain a respectful working environment.
  • To consistently teach and practice the Pilates Method.
  • To promote exercise to improve overall health and wellbeing.