Introducing Healthy Bones Australia!

Nation's staggering 173,000 broken bones prompting urgent call to prioritise bone health

Osteoporosis Australia rebrands as ‘Healthy Bones Australia’ & launches educational resource hub

On Tuesday, February 9 Osteoporosis Australia announced its official rebrand as ‘Healthy Bones Australia’ to reinforce the importance of prevention, in response to the concerning 173,000 broken bones sustained by the Australian population last year.

​Healthy Bones Australia also called for Australians to “prioritise their bone health”, by learning the risk factors for, and how to best prevent, brittle bones and osteoporosis.

​The announcement coincides with the publication of an article by Healthy Bones Australia experts in MJA Insight, presenting preliminary findings and recommendations from their recent Inaugural National Consumer and Community Forum. The Forum was convened to hear directly from people of different ages living with osteoporosis, and to address health system barriers to improving Australian’s bone health.

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