In Focus: PAA registered studio, Pilates Insync celebrates 17 years

Celebrating a studio milestone

This week we’re sharing the celebrations of PAA member, Helen Stamatakos and her registered studio, Pilates Insync in Menai NSW which hit its’ 17 year business anniversary a few weeks ago. Congratulations Helen and Pilates Insync!

Principal Trainer Helen, has been a PAA member for over 13 years and Pilates Insync has been a registered studio since 2018. Helen also shared her Pilates enthusiasm and experience between 2015 and 2018 as a PAA committee member.

No-one says it better than Helen herself, so we asked her for permission to share her celebration post.

Helen's 17 year birthday celebration post

Pilates Insync Menai NSW celebrates 17 years

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Last week we celebrated a milestone!
17 years in businessπŸ‘ πŸŽ‰πŸ™

Seventeen. It’s the magical age of transition, and one to remember with affection. For a business, turning seventeen is a big milestone. It marks almost two decades of experience, and a time to reflect on wisdom gained through the years😘

Here’s 5 things we have learned about running a successful Pilates business since kicking off in 2006.

  1. Love what you do πŸ’š
    When you love what you do, you have purpose and passion. These two things are what you need to fuel your days πŸ’š
  2. The right staff πŸ‘
    Your staff create the culture of your business, and your purpose and passion will set the tone. Great staff brings consistency and quality workouts in all sessionsβœ…πŸ‘Š
  3. Provide great teaching and learning πŸ‘Œ
    By offering the best quality teaching and learning always, your customers will reaps the rewards, achieve goals and all round feel and see the difference and ideally come back for more 🫢
  4. Be yourself πŸ€—
    Define what makes you different from other competitors and stick with it!
  5. Hard work pays off πŸ’ͺ
    Nothing will bring success without hard work! This entails working smartly, and digging deep when required. Tenacity, commitment and resilience will keep you on track, much like a well-trained athlete

β€˜β€œWork hard in silence and let success be your noise”


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