Book Review: Get to know Joe Pilates by Cathy Strack

“Get to Know Joe Pilates” by Cathy Strack is an informative and engaging biography of Joseph Pilates, the man behind the Pilates method. The book provides a comprehensive overview of Joseph Pilates’ life, from his childhood in Germany to his development of the Pilates method and his relocation to New York City.

The book focuses on Joseph Pilates’ unique approach to exercise. Cathy Strack does an excellent job of describing the principles that underlie the Pilates method, including the emphasis on mind-body integration, breath control, and precision of movement. She also provides detailed descriptions of the exercises themselves, which are accompanied by helpful images.

Throughout the book, Cathy emphasizes the important role that Joseph Pilates’ clients played in the development and refinement of the Pilates method. She provides numerous examples of famous dancers, athletes, and other public figures who turned to Joe for help with their physical conditioning and rehabilitation from injury. These anecdotes help to illustrate the practical benefits of the Pilates method and demonstrate its versatility as an exercise system.

In addition to its focus on the Pilates method, the book also provides valuable insights into Joseph Pilates’ personality, philosophy, and lifestyle. The author describes Joseph Pilates as a man who was deeply committed to his work and his clients, and who believed that physical fitness was essential to overall health and wellbeing. She also highlights his interest in nutrition, his advocacy for natural healing methods, and his love of nature and animals.

“Get to Know Joe Pilates” is an excellent resource for anyone who is interested in the Pilates method of exercise or in the life and work of Joseph Pilates. The book is well-written, informative, and engaging, and it provides a comprehensive look at one of the most influential figures in the fitness world.


Reviewed by Natalie Ryan, PAA Social Media Assistant


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