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Your business can legally play music protected by Copyright by getting permission first. Permission can be from OneMusic Australia in the form of a licence for millions of songs in its catalogue, from the artists themselves for every song, through a background music supplier or other means. You need permission or a licence when your stream music in your business.

The PAA supports the legal rights of musicians – under the Copyright Act (1968) – to be paid when their music is in use in a wellness or fitness business.

A licence from OneMusic Australia provides permission for Pilates instructors and business owners to play the vast majority of the music heard on radio, TV, music-streaming services as well as music that is bought online or bought from a retailer. (Even if you pay a music-streaming service to provide your music a licence is still required). Licence fees form royalty income which are paid out direct to music creators.

Music licensing is as crucial as any other service and legal requirement that your business need to arrange. Failure to comply may result in legal action.

There are licences to suit a variety of different scenarios (background music, motivational class music, etc). A simple online tool makes getting your licence easy

One Music Information Sheet – Fitness Centre and Fitness and Wellbeing Instructors

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