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Members should:

  • Immediately report any potential claim to BMS,
  • Formally document the incident, including details of those involved,
  • Submit any formal statement to BMS,
  • Report any investigations or notice of complaint immediately,
  • Gather any notes and supporting documentation.

Members should not:

  • Speak with any third parties about the claim,
  • Assume any legal fees before reporting a claim,
  • Offer compensation to independently settle a claim,
  • Amend or change any previous records once a statement of claim has been received.

If you are aware of a potential claim should contact BMS Group directly at 1800 940 764 or

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All PAA insured members participating in the insurance program have access to legal counsel in the event a complaint is made against you, once your claim has been approved.

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Yes, the PAA PI Insurance Policy provides retroactive cover provided that there are no known and unreported circumstances that may lead to a claim.

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As a PAA member participating in the insurance program, cover for additional modalities is included however you must advise BMS of these to be covered.

Please contact BMS on 1800 940 764 or at to discuss insurance options.

Automatically covered for no additional premium:

  • Yoga
  • Barre
  • Power Plate
  • Core Align
  • Franklin Method
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Yes, your policy can be put into run-off in this instance. To activate run-off, please contact BMS to advise the date your retirement will commence on1800 940 764 or via email at

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The PAA Insurance Policy is a claims made policy.

This means the policy only provides cover for any prior acts as long as you have an active policy at the time of a claim. It’s therefore important to ensure you have a policy in place should you take a leave of absence (leave where you’ll likely return to work at some stage). This will ensure you’re covered should a claim arise during this time.

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No.  There is no cover for when you are providing your services to family members.

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Yes, you can opt into the insurance program via the membership area on the PAA website at any time. The insurance policy will be calculated pro-rata to align with your PAA membership renewal.

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Ensuring PAA members have access to the most comprehensive cover, additional, evidence-based risk management material and exceptional service for insurance queries and claims is paramount.

BMS is a specialist broker dedicated to servicing associations and their members and will continue to enhance the PAA Insurance Program.

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BMS is the official and exclusive broker for the Pilates Association Australia (PAA) member insurance program. BMS is part of the wider BMS group which is dedicated to providing coverage and value-added services to associations and their members.

The BMS group provides cover to more than 700,000 healthcare and regulated professionals through 100+ associations across Australia, Canada, Europe and New Zealand. This experience gives BMS a unique insight and ability to create and deliver significantly enhanced and continuously evolving member centric insurance programs. This includes ensuring broad, market-leading coverage, evidence-based risk management and exceptional member service.

To find out more visit

If you have any questions about the insurance program or PAA Insurance Program, contact BMS at 1800 940 764 or email

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