Advice from industry experts & Pilates peers: Pt. 2


Welcome to part two of our expert advice feature – we ask some searching questions and share some great advice from industry experts and your Pilates peers on how to take the Health Fund reforms and turn them into opportunities to boost your business.

We would also love to hear about any bright ideas or special guerrilla tactics you’ve developed to make the most of the situation.

Email with your perspective (P.S. there could be PDPs in it for you!)

Minna Salmesvuo, Director & Social Media Marketing Strategist of Social Media Tribe

As a social media agency, we face frequent changes in our industry and have learned to look at each challenge as an opportunity to grow, learn and use the change as a positive force to refocus and find an even better way to do marketing.

What are 2 things that a Pilates business owner can do right now to see more clients in their studio?

  1. Focus their marketing on the value, benefits and solutions they provide to clients that are often priceless improvements in clients overall well being and quality of life
  2. Share study results and client stories of problems you have solved for other potential clients seeking similar solutions. Pair it with an irresistible limited time value-add (not a discount) trial offer

3 ways to promote your Pilates business that do not include FB and Insta

  • Referral partnerships with other complementary businesses
  • Cross-promotions with other businesses for a trial/introductory session
  • Bring a friend challenge for existing clients – they are your best marketing force

Top tips to refocus your energy on why we teach Pilates and how to promote it

  • Remember why you first started. The recent changes in the industry haven’t changed your purpose, your passion for what you do, your expertise, experience or knowledge
  • Focus on what your clients need and how you can help them
  • Price is not an issue when your clients can see the value of Pilates for their health and well being

Minna Salmesvuo

Minna Salmesvuo is a Social Media Marketing Strategist and the Director of Social Media Tribe as well as author of In the Heart of Social Media Marketing – Heart Centered, Authentic Marketing, published in 2016.

Minna will be sharing her Social Media expertise as presenter of Social Media Strategy for Pilates Studios, one of the new Business Stream workshops at the PAA 2019 Conference in September.

Brook McCarthy, founder of Hustle & Heart

Getting students to return to class comes down to your confidence in selling packages, memberships and, if you sell single sessions, asking for rebookings. Oftentimes teachers are reluctant to be seen as pushy or desperate. But the opposite is true – when someone has a future booking to do something that’s good for them, that they enjoy doing, they feel great! When you follow up with students, you’re doing them a favour. When you get them to book again, you’re doing them a favour. When you’re helping them to commit to their health and feel good about doing so, you’re doing them a favour.

One massive opportunity which many Pilates studios are missing is the power of Google. If you’ve got a website, you’ve likely got “get found on Google” as a marketing goal. But too many people put it in the ‘too hard’ basket or give their money to big agencies who do nothing more than send them monthly reports.

Learning the basics of search engine optimisation isn’t that hard. (I highly recommend the blog, which is full of useful, up-to-date information on optimising your website). You can get pretty far with just the basics of search engine optimisation, coupled with regular monthly blogging.

Remember, Google’s clients are ordinary people, so if you can think like your clients and listen more closely to what they tell you they’re struggling with, which has led them to your Pilates classes, then you’re half way there!

Brook McCarthy

Brook McCarthy is a digital marketing trainer and business coach who specialises in the health industry. She runs regular short courses on digital marketing for studio owners and other health professionals, throughout Australia. See her upcoming courses here: