Dear members,

You’d have to have been living under a rock not to know that the PAA conference is being held in October 2015.  But If you haven’t had time to browse through the conference website yet or register for your early bird discount (which ends on the 30th of April) , I’d like to share some of the many exciting workshops available which will be of interest to instructors from all schools of Pilates.

Below is just a selection of what is on offer:

WUNDAFUL & ELECTRIC: PILATES CHAIRS WITHIN THE SYSTEM: This workshop offers a different perspective on your understanding of the chair exercises. Weave them into your client sessions without missing a beat.

ALL HANDS ON DECK: This workshop offers a unique approach to teaching that shows how to deepen Pilates work through specific hand positioning and tactile cueing.

CLIENT CLINIC:  See how Brooke might approach the work and address concerns during this workshop as she works with some real “clients” who are having challenges with certain exercises or areas of their workouts.

PREPOSITIONS & PROPOSITIONS: GIVING PILATES ITS PROPS: This workshop will teach you the incorporation of common “prop & prep positions” for modifying or intensifying the Pilates matwork.

SPINE CORRECTOR MAT: Takes participants through the advanced mat on the spine corrector. A great workout!

MUSCLE FIBRE TYPE AND PILATES: will focus on Type I, Type IIA and Type IIB muscle fibre types of the many types that are found in the body in relationship to functional movement and how Pilates is an ideal way to work on these three types of muscle fibre at the same time. Instead of trying to understand what muscle is working during what exercise in pilates, it is better to understand how the different muscles and muscle fibre types are working together to achieve the movement or stability of the interconnected skeleton.

WRINGING OUT THE BODY: Lymph and how Pilates facilitates and helps it do its job. Joe mentions the lymph a number of times in his writings and how his method can help. Since the lymph is the body’s way to help remove waste and toxins from the interstitial tissues it is important to understand how Authentic Pilates facilitates the system.

PILATES AND THE ATHLETE: Grow your business by bringing Athletes into your studio using Pilates to enhance the four basic athletic movements in sports (push, pull, run and jump) using the Mat, the Reformer, and Chairs.

PILATES FOR MEN:  Learn the basic, the not so basic and the crazy hard.

THE ARCH OF LIFE ™ : Structure, Function, Pathology and Application of Contrology to the Foot. This workshop includes footage from a cadaver lab, displaying the dissection of the foot and displaying the ankle, subtalar and transverse tarsal joints.

ELONGATION AND DECOMPRESSION OF THE SPINE:  focusing on how we can use Contrology to balance musculature to open, lengthen, and create a fluidity of spinal motion!

THE ELUSIVE PSOAS MAJOR: Think through how Pilates exercises affect the psoas major so that you can creatively apply and modify the Pilates method of body conditioning for your clients.

EXPLORING THE COMPLXITIES OF THE SHOULDER “CORSET”:  covering the fundamental structure and function of the shoulder joint complex so that we can then understand its role during both functional and dysfunctional posture and movement patterns. Examples of conditions addressed are rotator cuff impingement, bursitis, frozen shoulder, and upper crossed syndrome.

There is so much more on offer from our international and national presenters and the excitement is building!


See you at the conference if not before!

Olga Tamara

PAA Vice President/Special Projects Officer.


For More Information on all the Workshops visit our dedicated Conference Website: