Valentine’s Day Pilates Couple – Ash Berry & Rob Carruthers

Ashleigh Berry and Rob Carruthers

Ashleigh Berry and Rob Carruthers

Back when Rob moved into Ashleigh’s flat in London, little did they know that their initial encounter, fueled by the promise of free Pilates, would blossom into a beautiful partnership both personally and professionally.

In this exclusive interview, Ash shares insights into their journey as a Pilates couple, revealing the rewards and challenges of navigating both their personal and professional lives within the industry. From supporting each other’s growth to finding a delicate balance between work and family, Ash offers a candid glimpse into their dynamic world.

And while they may not always find time to work out together, their shared laughter and unforgettable moments in the studio paint a picture of a partnership built on love, laughter, and a whole lot of Pilates. Join us as we delve into the story of this remarkable duo, celebrating a decade of love, laughter, and legacy in the Pilates world.


Tell us how you met – was Pilates part of your initial connection?

Kind of! We met when Rob moved into my London flat. Rob was teaching dynamic reformer Pilates at a boutique studio in Notting Hill and I was a working as a contemporary dancer. My house mate and I thought having him in the house would help us get free Pilates, which it did. But I also worked in an active wear store at the time and my boss knew him (through Pilates) and vouched for him to get the room, so it really was Pilates that got him over the line!

What’s the most rewarding aspect of both being Pilates instructors?

I think being part of the same industry and having so much to connect on is often really rewarding. Running a studio and knowing the person running it with you is also 100% in your corner and committed to everything you do together helps so much. Our work and personal lives have been intertwined for so much of our relationship, and we’ve grown together in that way. It can bring challenges for sure, but it can also be really rewarding to share that.

How do you support each other’s professional growth in the Pilates industry?

We are very intentional about this. From the beginning I was adamant that I didn’t want to be sidelined if we chose to have children (which we have) and Rob made sure that my super was paid during my maternity leave which was very important to both of us. One of the reasons we decided to start Movementality was because we each saw what a fantastic practitioner the other was, and wanted to work in alignment. We’ve always been vocal about promoting one another, but we’ve also learned how to take turns to step forward into the spotlight and share the load of whatever else is going on outside of our careers.

How do you balance your professional and personal relationships?

Honestly, it is a work in progress and a constant juggling act and introducing Darcey (our daughter) into the mix has only amplified the challenge. But a few things we are strict on are:

  • We aren’t scheduled to teach clients at the same time, so that if Darcey is unwell or needs to be picked up from childcare, it’s always clear who is responsible for her and for the studio and we don’t have to argue over whose job is more important.
  • We try to have weekends off as a family (when we don’t have to cover) and make sure we spend some time just us without making too many plans.
  • We live about 20 min from the studio which creates a helpful separation between work and life and means we aren’t just dashing in when we are supposed to be off.

But Rob would also say that we are really passionate and love what we do, so it isn’t such a bad thing if our work life bleeds into our home life sometimes, especially if it’s involving Darcey in movement and play through Pilates.

Do you like to work out together? If so, when do you find time?

We never work out together haha. We used to sometimes before we had Darcey eg: one time we enrolled in an aerial silks class together for a term and it was really fun. But there is very little time for just the two of us to do an activity these days. Plus we like different things. Rob does a lot more Callisthenics and I do Pilates and dance. Also, we never, NEVER teach one another! That’s a recipe for disaster haha

Can you share any funny or memorable moments doing/teaching Pilates together?

There have been so many memorable moments. Nosediving into the bottom of the Wunda Chair, taking jabs at one another across the room whilst teaching simultaneously, our beautiful pup Frankie being the studio mascot and a highlight for clients. We’ve been together for 10 years this year and we’ve been running a Pilates business together for seven of those years, through Covid and kids and beyond. We are very lucky to be part of each other’s team.


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