Step it up a Level:

Are you ready for a Membership upgrade?

Your membership level demonstrates to employers, colleagues and clients that your hours as an instructor equate to valuable experience. It can inspire confidence in your ability as a well-educated Pilates Instructor.

So, next time you’re updating your details, why not make sure your membership level accurately reflects the work you’ve put in so far!

9 reasons to upgrade at every opportunity!

We’ve already mentioned that it’s evidence of your experience as an instructor, but take a moment to consider these additional benefits:

  • access to more senior positions
  • increased capacity for earnings
  • enhanced standing in the community
  • an opportunity for exciting new ventures: conducting workshops or presenting at events and conferences
  • recognition for your level of knowledge and capability
  • highlight your credibility and professionalism
  • demonstrate commitment to your own ongoing professional development
  • increase your sense of self worth

Are there any tangible benefits to a Membership upgrade? Absolutely!

Students may be aware that on graduation they can upgrade their membership at a discounted rate*, setting them on their Pilates career path. And there are further benefits as you continue to rise up the scale:

  • Group members upgrading to Studio Instructor or Pilates Practitioner Level 1 accrue 15PDPs for completing their Diploma as well as gaining access to the online Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies
  • Completing your Advanced Diploma of Pilates Instruction whilst at Pilates Practitioner Level 1 allows you to automatically upgrade to Pilates Practitioner Level 2. It is also worth 15PDPs on graduation for any of the Pilates Practitioner Membership levels.
  • Upgrading to Pilates Practitioner Level 2 allows you to register your own Studio, if you choose. Your new Studio is then added to the PAA search facility as a featured entry and appears in the top section of search results.
  • Once at Pilates Practitioner Level 3, if you complete a Certificate IV Training and Assessment (or equivalent) you may upgrade to Pilates Practitioner Trainer Level 1. You are then eligible to present PAA approved Pilates workshops (which accrue PDPs).
  • Furthermore, as a Pilates Practitioner Principal or Pilates Practitioner Principal Trainer your classes will attract PDPs for other PAA members who attend them – always a favourite when they’re trying to make up points at membership renewal time!

*30% discount when you upgrade before your student membership expires.

Other PAA member benefits linked to Membership level :

  • PAA endorsement: display the appropriate PAA Membership Badge on your website and business media to signify your level of qualification
  • PAA members may register their own studio to be listed on the website search facility
  • All Studio and Pilates Practitioner members gain access to the online Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies
  • Pilates Practitioner Level 3 members may submit applications to present a class at the PAA Conference
  • Pilates Practitioner Trainer Level 2 members may submit applications to present a workshop at the PAA Conference

So don’t delay! If it’s over a year since you last checked, you are possibly entitled to a higher level than you currently are!

Where do I go on the website to find Membership upgrade information?


(Updated February 2024)

Tips for Easy Upgrading

Keep your membership up to date: insurance, first aid and especially PDPs so that you can concentrate on the upgrade itself without having to supply general membership stuff.

Update your levels regularly: it’s easier than searching back over several years to track your hours, where you worked, find old certificates, request references and letters from previous employers.

Keep your CV up to date: It will help to have an ongoing record of your hours and where you worked

As you change workplaces: Remember to ask your employer for a letter confirming your hours and request a reference. Make sure to get them signed too!


How to Calculate and display your hours for upgrade:

Teaching hours are defined as actual Pilates contact hours spent instructing clients in either group classes or private sessions. They should be documented as an average of actual hours taught, up to a maximum of 30 hours per week, for a maximum of 48 weeks per year, and a maximum of 1440 hours per year.

The table below displays an example of how teaching hours should be submitted in support of a membership upgrade.

Studio / EmployerYearAvg hrs p/wkx no. of wksTotal hrs
Bell Pilates20102016 (Jul-Oct)320
Power Pilates20112543 (Feb-Oct)1075
Power Pilates20122843 (Feb-Nov)1288
Central Pilates20133025 (Feb-Jul)750
Total Hours3433

The Upgrade Process:

Submit your online upgrade application from the Member’s area of the website (under Apply Now) together with prerequisite supporting documentation for the level you wish to upgrade to.

Note: You don’t need to upload documents that are already on file.

The Member Relations Officer will liaise with you as your upgrade goes through the approval process.

Membership Upgrade Process details

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