Update on Government Health Fund Reforms

PAA Committee Action for the amendment of Government Health Fund Reforms

On Friday 22 Feb myself, Sharan Simmons (PAA President), and Mary McArthur (PAA Secretary) met with Sam Develin, Senior Adviser to Minister for Health, Greg Hunt at the Ministers office in Canberra. The audience was secured as a result of an earlier meeting with Andrew Wilkie, MP for Clark TAS.

At short notice, we had been allocated a 10 minute timeslot to present the PAA case. However, we were grateful to eventually spend nearly an hour with Mr. Develin, and feel our concerns were being heard.

We outlined the possible cost, the numbers and the overall impact of the changes and detailed the recent evidence into benefits of Pilates as well as explaining Pilates training standards.

Mr Develin was clear that the government were committed to introducing the legislation as planned, however he conceded that the issue could be revisited.

The PAA maintain ongoing communication with relevant government departments and will continue discussions on issues relating to Pilates. First steps on a long road.


Sharan Simmons
PAA President

Take Action for Pilates!

Thanks to everyone’s support the PAA Petition is gaining traction, reaching well over 5,000 signatures in just 5 days – let’s keep powering on to 10,000!!

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The response to our letters to MPs makes it clear that MPs prioritise letters from their own constituents. so please write to your local MP and seek a meeting to discuss the impact this will have on you and the local community as well as the broader issue across the Pilates industry.

We can make a difference with these small steps.

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