Do I need to show PDPs?

Full members and Mat members are required to show evidence of approved professional development in the form of PDPs. The total will be required every second year at your membership renewal.

Members are required to accrue the following number of PDPs over each two-year period:

  • Full members – 20 points
  • Matwork members – 15 points
  • Students/Associate members – not required

Evidence of a minimum of 5 points PDP accrual is required each year with your membership renewal. This ensures that continuing education is spread evenly throughout the two-year membership period and currency of knowledge is maintained.

50% or more PDPs must be accrued from Pilates specific courses, which focus on Pilates content, skills and competencies.

50% or more PDPs must be accrued from face to face courses.

Professional development workshops or courses must reflect learning that is of a higher standard than industry entry-level certification.

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