The Power Is Within You!

Recently, I was at the studio engrossed in my practice on the Cadillac when one of my colleague’s clients said, « I wish I had your body ». She was not referring to my physical appearance but rather to the way I moved and trained my body in Pilates: bending in all directions, pulling, pushing, lifting, etc., looking strong. She expressed her desire while I was extending myself into an upside-down swan-like position and enjoying the immediate sensation of openness of a full hang.

I smiled and thanked her while quietly thinking, what stops you? Isn’t it why you come to Pilates weekly, to improve your mobility and physical abilities? I have seen her moving for several years at the studio. I know her potential, but she isn’t my client, therefore, I held back. I truly wanted to tell her: You can! The power is within you.

What is that power? It isn’t a physical force but rather a mind one: will. It is the willingness to go for what you want. It is using that desire to achieve a goal and make a change. The will to work for it; an essential mental faculty when it comes to movement and living an active life. Rightfully Romana Kryzanowska’s second of her five parts of the mind[1] .

Our modern society has access to an abundance of health professionals, personal trainers, movement physiologists, yoga instructors, etc., and Pilates Teachers! The list of people making a living in helping others with aches, pains, and movement is extensive, but all these people can only do so much. First and foremost, the drive must come from the person that needs, wants, or wishes for a change. It simply can’t be purchased.

Of course, some elements are out of our control. Our expectations must be managed. Still, so much is possible. Going back to the client’s comment, no matter what, she won’t have my body. We all have an individual map representing our movement history, our successes, and our challenges. It is unique to us; it can’t be shared or borrowed. Yet, like a geographical map, a movement map can be altered and improved. She can do this for herself, but it goes beyond wishing or just going through the motion of a list of exercises. It takes the will.

Eve Fairbairn, PAA Committee

[1] The five parts of the mind are: Intelligence, Will, Memory, Imagination and Intuition. For more information:


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