President’s Update 23 April 2020

All PAA discussions and committee meetings since March have been focused on how we can support and assist members through this disruption. Looking at where we can make the biggest difference/impact, how we can be effective with our resources, both financial and human – including our 2 part time staff, volunteer committee and our member community.

The shutdown has changed our priorities and perspective as we navigate the challenges of working from home with so many new distractions and other responsibilities.

For some, the restrictions have given us time to reassess, regroup or consolidate. The innovations forced upon us have opened up new options or directions we can take into our future businesses on the other side of this disruption.

I am really uplifted by the strength, resilience and compassion of the Pilates community worldwide. The open sharing of information, personal experience and the connection of the community.

Letter to State and Federal Health Ministers

Recently the executive committees of the PAA and the APMA met to discuss the current situation. We have since drafted and jointly sent a letter to the Federal and State Health Ministers and the Minister for Industry, proposing a phased return to business operations for our members. Phase 1 would be a return to private sessions 1:1, taught within required indoor social distancing and hygiene guidelines. In this letter we are also seeking clarity and appropriate “health service” classification for Pilates, taught in a professional studio environment. As each State has local jurisdiction we await individual responses from State Ministers and will keep you all informed of any changes.

New BMS Insurance Certificates of Currency

As per the announcement at the end of March, PAA memberships are being extended by 3 months. BMS insurance have confirmed they will match this and expiry dates are currently being extended in your PAA file. BMS will issue new Certificates of Currency to reflect the extended dates to all members who hold BMS insurance.

Pilates Day – May 2

For Pilates Day this year we want to celebrate and promote YOU, our members and your businesses. To promote YOUR Pilates Day events or classes to help you extend your reach, fill your classes and share the love of Pilates.

PAA members are ‘a cut above’, we have the training , skill and experience to deliver exceptional Pilates sessions, classes and service, let’s show everyone.

Send us the social promo’s for your Pilates Day event/class or your online classes and we will add to the PAA listings for Pilates Day.

Industry survey

Just 4 weeks ago, Pilates studios were included in the shutdown of businesses as part of the government COVID 19 response plan. This dramatically changed the way we were able to service our clients and deliver sessions and classes.

The PAA are continuing our commitment to government advocacy with a focus on the impact of the current COVID-19 environment/crisis on the Pilates industry. An important part of this is to provide information regarding the many faceted business impact of the social distancing requirements implemented and the subsequent studio closures on the 23 March 2020.  The impact has been dramatic for businesses, instructors, employees and clients,  and include financial losses, client cancellations and changing delivery model for sessions and classes.

We need your help
A link for a Pilates industry survey will be sent to all members tomorrow, Friday 24 April – please watch out for it, complete it, and share the link with other instructors.

The Pilates Industry survey is designed to collect relevant information from all of our members plus the broader Pilates industry to ensure the information we use as part of our advocacy is representative of our industry as a whole. Please share freely with your Pilates instructor friends, colleagues and acquaintances around Australia.

Sharan Simmons
PAA President