President’s Report March 2020

Hi Members,

I know this is a very stressful time with lots of uncertainties. We would like to work together with you to stay positive in your Pilates practice and broader community.

On top of our many executive calls and meetings over the past week, we have called an urgent Committee meeting today, to discuss the issues facing members and studios on all levels. We are looking at PAA resources and how we can best utilise them to support members.

As Pilates instructors and studio owners our clients and communities need us more than ever. I have been very heartened by the wonderful positive energy of many as they pivot their delivery mode to virtual. Many members have successfully moved their sessions and classes online to a similar timetable. Some have launched short recorded workouts or mat classes. Some of us are taking a moment to regroup and explore the best options for our clients and community. Thanks #MarchMatness for getting us all in the right headspace to take on this challenge.

The challenge for some clients will be the change to working without equipment, if that is what they are used to. I have seen so many great creative solutions for this including the use of small home props. Let’s share our ideas so we can all provide the best and safest sessions for our clients.

This is a totally new working environment for many members and also their clients (you’ve seen the crazy videos). Home for us all now is virtual – maybe a virtual Pilates studio, workplace, and school combined, so there are many adjustments to be made. Be kind to yourself, we will all get better at this and find a balance that works for our family.

Take care of yourselves and your family. Be positive and kind. Reach out if you need help or just to chat, we are a strong community and we all want to look after each other. Look out for a separate invite to our NEW closed Facebook group for PAA members so we CAN do this together.

Today, take a moment to breathe, to relax and find some calm and reset.