PAA Research Grant


The PAA strongly supports ongoing scientific research that provides evidence of the benefits of the Pilates Method. The PAA believes that encouraging scientific research is imperative to the future growth and professionalism of the Pilates industry and offers a research grant of $5000 inc. GST per year.

In order to be eligible for this grant, applicants must meet the criteria below.


  1. To be eligible for the grant the applicant must be a full financial member of the PAA.
  2. The applicant must be undertaking a postgraduate degree at a recognised tertiary institution at Masters or PhD level within Australasia.
  3. The research project being undertaken must have a direct affiliation with the Pilates Method and demonstrate sufficient replicability and adaptability across the Pilates industry.
  4. The research project being undertaken must be registered with an online trial registration service such as the Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry
  5. The research project must have final ethical approval from a tertiary human research ethics committee.
  6. The research project must have an official commencement date and a projected end date.


  • Chris Lavelle – PAA Committee Member
  • Jeremy Hunt – PAA Treasurer
  • Mary McArthur – PAA Secretary
  • Jen Guest – PAA President
  • Lanette Gavran – Director PilatesITC


The submission panel will check that:

  • all aspects of the application are true and correct
  • the application meets each aspect of the PAA eligibility criteria
  • the research project is directly affiliated to the Pilates Method and will provide the greatest benefit to the Pilates community


The PAA requires that the funds be paid to the relevant body within the recipient’s university. The applicant must outline a breakdown of how the funds will be spent. A reconciliation of expenses must be provided to the research sub-committee at the end of the project.


  1. The successful applicant will be required to write three 750 word articles for the PAA newsletter, spanning across the period of work, including:
    1. An introduction to the project including title, relevance to the Pilates Method, how the outcomes may benefit the Pilates community, the hypothesis and aims of the research and a short biography of the researcher.
    2. A mid project article outlining the progression of the project including strengths and limitations.
    3. A final article outlining the results of the project, conclusion how the project presents evidence for the Pilates Method.
  2. If published in a peer-reviewed journal, the researcher will be required to provide the complete journal article to PAA for presentation on the PAA website, for members only access.
  3. The researcher will be required to present a summary of their project at the next PAA Conference (2019).
  4. Any publication arising from the approved research project must acknowledge the PAA Research Grant.


At completion of the project, the applicant must provide a full research report to the PAA committee outlining the progress of the project. The report should include:

  • Whether the aims of the project were achieved.
  • What outcomes were achieved in terms of promoting the Pilates Method, or improving accessibility.
  • How the grant assisted the researcher.
  • Any adverse events.


Applications are now being accepted for the next round of submissions. Closing date for applications to be confirmed.

Research Grant Application Form