OneMusic Fee Relief for COVID-19

A message from OneMusic Australia

From this week (30 July 2020) OneMusic Australia will be applying fee-relief to all of their affected customers – those that were forced by Federal or State governments to close their doors for a time due to COVID-19.

The COVID-19 fee-relief for these customers will be credited to each affected customer’s account.

Most fitness and wellbeing customers with straightforward accounts will be notified in writing of an automatic four month fee-relief being applied to their account. OneMusic have added some extra fee-relief in as they recognise that even when customers were allowed to re-open, social distancing restricted their trade.
A small group of customers who have more complex music use/more complex business structures such as multiple locations will be contacted separately – to ensure they get the fee-relief right for them.
OneMusic are hoping for a quick economic and health recovery from this pandemic and they trust this small action will help our valued music customers to keep operating – and enjoying our music.


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