Myofascial Training by Ester Albini

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A very informative book about human movement and the fascial system. The sub title of the book hints at the amazing benefits of myofascial training: intelligent movement for mobility, performance and recovery. Everybody can truly benefit from this technique.

The author’s main goal here is to make people feel good in both their body and mind together. Something I’m sure will resonate with many Pilates instructors wanting to offer their client’s a point of difference and something that can truly help towards freeing the body from pain.

Understanding the fascia along with how to teach the benefits of myofascial training is a great complementary tool to offer as a Pilates instructor. Fascia is the connective tissue that wraps and binds everthing together in the body. Understanding how this can have an impact on our posture and way of movement is an excellent benefit we can provide to our clients.

This book describes in so much detail the myofascial lines in the human body and provides training programs for numerous pathologies. There is even a section dedicated for use specifically in Pilates. This section easily helps to incorporate fascia work into a client session for any instructor. The exercises are all relatively easy to do and have a big impact on the fascia.

My favourite chapter in the book is chapter 8 – the myofascial release techniques. The chapter begins with the simple reminder here to apply the correct amount of pressure to reduce fascial and muscular tension. With just a few small inexpensive props here and there, such as a foam roller, a sensory ball or even a golf or tennis ball, a few repetitions on each exercise repeated regularly will be beneficial.

Overall, this book is very well laid out with the use of great pictures and illustrations to describe the different methods. The inclusion of contraindications is also an excellent addition. It is an excellent resource, outlining the fascia and how it connects throughout our bodies, and I would highly recommend it.


Reviewed by Kerri Cafcakis, PAA Member


Myofascial Training by Ester Albini - inside

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