Instructor in Focus: Sayshie Poynton

Sayshie Poynton

Sayshie Poynton

Level 2 Member, Rig Pilates, Perth WA

Instructor Name: Sayshie Poynton
Studio(s) you work at: Rig Pilates
Location: Perth
Instructor training: BASI Pilates, PITC
PAA Level: Level 2

What originally motivated you to try Pilates and then go on to train as an instructor?

Originally I took up Pilates to rehab a horse riding injury. It took me some time to really fall in love with Pilates, but after finding a studio that I felt shared the same ethos and mentality I was hooked. I continued through my pregnancy and decided during this pregnancy that I would train as an instructor shortly after giving birth so that I could build on my own self-mastery with more knowledge and understanding.

What did you eat for breakfast?

Almond Latte and a banana

In one word, describe your first Pilates experience?


What impact has the recent COVID-19 virus had on your world?

It has made me reconnect with my mat, work more on the fundamentals and Matwork repertoire. Since the studio has reopened I still have not left my mat! As my mentor, Rael Isacowitz says; “Matwork is the crown jewel of Pilates!”

How have you handled your Pilates teaching with COVID-19, any advice to other teachers?

Teaching online has been fantastic. It’s been invigorating and I’ve loved connecting with clients in their own living rooms. The way I’ve had to teach has been different and verbal cues have obviously needed to be the focus as we can no longer physically cue our clients. I’ve loved that clients have needed to reconnect to their mat, and most have a new appreciation for the method.

What’s the best thing about your job?

I get to move all day. Movement is the key to a healthy lifestyle and improves cognitive ability, so I love to move as much as possible and then learn, learn, learn! Also, we have a coffee shop in the studio so I get to drink amazing coffee to start my day.

Your ‘go to’ website for all things Pilates (other than PAA)? & pilatesanytime

The best advice you’ve ever had?

The best things in life aren’t things.

An indulgence you can’t live without?

Red wine & a wood fire near the ocean.

How long have you been a member of PAA and how did you hear about PAA?

6 years. From memory, through a Pilates colleague.

Do you have a motto?

As Oscar Wilde said “Everything in moderation, including moderation…”

What’s the most challenging aspect of your job?

In a world where there is a saturation of fitness options and big box/chain companies promoting poor quality fitness on Pilates equipment, I find educating clients on the benefits of “real” Pilates with a focus on precision, awareness, control and concentration can be difficult. If anyone has a good elevator pitch, please let me know!

How do you use PAA?

I rely on them to receive important updates and information, maintain my professional standards and be proactive and involved in the Australian Pilates community.

Who is your Pilates idol or would love to meet, and why?

I have many people I consider mentors… too many to mention. I believe there is something to be learnt from everyone and I love exploring all methods as they all have something to offer. As BASI Pilates is a worldwide company and family, I’ve been incredibly lucky to meet a lot of Instructors from all over the world at overseas conferences, courses and summits. Obviously, if I could time travel I’d love to meet Joe and Clara!

What do you appreciate most about your body?

That it is pain-free and Pilates keeps it that way.

The book you’re currently reading?

Phosphorescence – Julia Baird. On awe, wonder, and things that sustain you when the world goes dark.

Will you be our next Instructor in Focus?

We’d like to get to know you and how Pilates fits into your life.

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