Information for Re-opening of Pilates studios in Victoria

The PAA is here to support the reopening of Pilates studios in Victoria. We understand what a Corona Coaster it has been for you, and we are here to support you. It has been extremely tough physically, financially, mentally and emotionally. We have many Victorian PAA members; we want you to do to well and have a successful opening. We also acknowledge some Pilates studios in Victoria have closed and are unable to re-open, which is extremely sad for our industry.

We have put together a little package to assist you in your opening.

Regional Victoria has reopened.
Metro Melbourne reopens this Monday, 9th November.

Based on requirements for regional and information shared at the DHHS/DJPR webinar on 4 November, the following will be required upon opening your Melbourne Pilates studio.

All studios are required to have a COVID Safe plan

Editable COVID Safe plan template:

Follow the six principles of COVIDsafe workplaces:

  • ensure physical distancing (1.5 metres)
  • wear a face mask
  • practice good hygiene
  • keep good records and act quickly if staff become unwell
  • avoid interactions in close spaces
  • create workforce bubbles

The facility must have a COVID Marshal onsite during the operating hours of the facility.

They should complete the free infection control training. They are to ensure compliance with records requirements and the restricted area requirement (maximum numbers, 1.5m distancing) as well as monitoring hand hygiene and cleaning.

For more information about the role of COVID Marshals, visit

Infection Control Training (free)

The number of people allowed in your Pilates studio is based on your accessible floorspace, 1 person per 8 square metres. The number is calculated by dividing the total publicly accessible area of the indoor space (measured in square metres) by 8.

  • Up to 10 People in a room, and a maximum of 20 in the venue at any one time.
  • The space available must be suitable to ensure members of the public are reasonably capable of maintaining a distance of 1.5 metres from each other.
  • Stagger class start times and have a time gap of 15 minutes between sessions to avoid congregation or exceeding group limits.

Clean any shared equipment that is to be used, between each user

  • Provide Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) approved disinfectant wipes for cleaning equipment, or use a disinfectant that states it will kill the virus
  • Consider removing hard to clean equipment and furniture (fabrics, foams, rubbers), or using removable covers that can be wiped clean

No physical contact, other than in an emergency, between a member of the public and any other person otherwise permitted to attend the facility.

Wear a mask. All persons, including trainers, are required to wear a face-mask other than when engaged in strenuous physical exercise.

(Ensure that duration of the ‘strenuous exercise’ exemption is as limited as possible)


You can download the PDF under

Also read the industry restart guidelines for Physical Recreation:


Additional information from the DHHS and DJPR staff who facilitated the Fitness Industry COVID Safe planning webinar held on Wed 4 November.

Some key points raised:

  1. Masks were a strong feature – they must be worn by everyone, unless doing strenuous physical activity, ie: a lot of heavy breathing inhaling and exhaling, when heart rate is up, running on a treadmill for example. 100’s could be good example to take masks off, or when your clients step into more cardio based advanced exercises. If the clients have breathing difficulties because of health conditions, they are not required. In all cases, they should be re-worn as soon as possible.
  2. COVID in toilets – advise clients and staff to close toilet lids when flushing, Corona virus lives in faecal matter for longer periods and can be distributed in the spray from flushing to coat every surface and hang in the air. Put signs up to instruct clients to flush with lid down.
  3. Strong focus touch points needing regular cleaning for the studios. Check for overlooked touchpoints:
    • Door handles, railings, taps, pens, telephone, small props, water fountain
    • Areas of concern to clean: staff rooms, tea rooms, shared areas, microwaves, fridges
  4. Place hand sanitiser in several key places: at entrance/exit points and in toilets, by each piece of equipment – public are more likely to use if it’s easily in reach.
  5. Limit occupancy in change rooms or breakout areas, tearooms, staff rooms. Remove or rearrange chairs to ensure 1.5 meters social distancing

Further information on infection prevention:

Workplace infection prevention

TGA Approved disinfectant wipes

To search for any other product

Signs and posters

Signs and posters can be downloaded to help navigate your clients such as

  • Number of Patrons
  • Social Distancing
  • Door Sign if experiencing COVID symptoms
  • Protect yourself and family

These and other links can be found on the PAA Website under restrictions for Victoria


Please reach out to PAA for any questions:

or contact Bruce or Darren your local PAA Committee members for any assistance or questions.

Bruce Hildebrand:

Darren Vizer:


Darren Vizer

PAA Ordinary Committee member

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