Emerging Instructor in Focus: Olivia Saputra

Olivia Saputra

Olivia Saputra

Livewell Health Physiotherapy and Pilates, Melbourne VIC

Emerging Instructor in Focus

Instructor Name:  Olivia Saputra
Studio(s) you study or work at: Livewell Health Physiotherapy and Pilates
Location: Melbourne, VIC
Instructor training: National Pilates Training (NPT) at Aligned For Life Melbourne
PAA Level: Professional Instructor Level 1

What originally motivated you to try Pilates and then go on to train as an instructor?

I was intrigued by the line of progressions in Pilates method. I love progress and it would be even better if I can help others progress too.

Most Pilates exercises look simple but actually it involves a lot of techniques, precision and strength. It’s both simple and complicated, and to perform the exercises effortlessly, we actually need to put more efforts into it.

For me personally, progressions in Pilates provides me never ending challenges, and that’s what’s amazing about it.

What did you eat for breakfast?

Eggs on toast and roasted tomatoes

In one word, describe your first Pilates teaching/apprentice teaching experience?


What impact has the recent COVID-19 virus had on your world?

I was obsessed with ‘smashing’ all the things on my daily to-do list. COVID had ‘forced’ me to slow down a little and it’s actually made a great impact on my mental health.

How have you handled your Pilates teaching or training with COVID-19?

Since I have to use less hands-on cues, I had to rely more on the other form of cueing.
This provides an opportunity for me to improve the other type of cueing especially verbal and imaginary ones.

What was the most unexpected part of your training?

‘Over-cueing’ does more harm than good. Be concise 🙂

Your ‘go to’ website for all things Pilates (other than PAA)?

Youtube and Pilates Anytime

The best advice you’ve ever had?

Never give up

An indulgence you can’t live without?

French Fries :))

How long have you been a member of PAA and how did you hear about PAA?

One year, and I first heard about PAA from my Pilates instructor

Do you have a motto?

Feel the fear and do it anyway!

What’s the most challenging aspect of learning to teach?

Overcoming perfectionism

How do you use PAA?

I love PAA’s insurance program, really gives me a peace of mind especially in the beginning of my career. I feel well looked after!

Who is your Pilates idol or would love to meet, and why?

Joseph Pilates, because he’s Joseph Pilates 🙂

What do you appreciate most about your body?

Its resilience

The book you’re currently reading?

The Order of Time – Carlo Rovelli

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