Emerging Instructor in Focus: Marijeta Terzic

Marijeta Terzic

Marijeta Terzic

T-Power Pilates, Wattle Grove, NSW

Instructor Name: Marijeta Terzic
Studio(s) you study or work at: T-Power Pilates
Location: Wattle Grove
Instructor training: Pilates ITC
PAA Level: Practitioner Level 1

What originally motivated you to try Pilates and then go on to train as an instructor?
My passion for exercising started when I was younger and a competitive swimmer, which set me along the path of practicing everyday movement and balancing sport with a healthy lifestyle.
My very first Mat Pilates class I attended to, was in my early 20s. It left me with lots of information on my body, and also the challenges I experienced that I want it to go back to. After birth of my second child I have experience a huge diastasis recti which left me with no strength. Follow with the experience of practicing Pilates that helped me gain my strength back I soon become passionate about helping other people strengthen their bodies and share the movement of connection, control and long lasting results.

What did you eat for breakfast?
A started with banana and coffee then a toast (my favourite sourdough rye bread) with avocado and boiled egg.

In one word, describe your first Pilates teaching/apprentice teaching experience?

What was the most unexpected part of your training?
Complexity in content, covered in great details. The importance of self mastery along with teaching and putting skill into practice. And a-ha moments!
Your ‘go to’ website for all things Pilates (other than PAA)?

What’s your favourite Pilates podcast? Why do you recommend it?
I like listening to PAA podcast for updates, informations and Pilates events. I also, when I have the time listen to Pilates Teachers Manual podcast, some interesting guests and inspiring Pilates teachers talking all things Pilates.

The best advice you’ve ever had?
Some people I worked with before, had more faith and trust in me than I had myself. It gave me the confidence and opportunity to learn with consistent efforts to improve and be good in my practice and teaching. Making decisions, whether they be good or not so good, are decisions made at the time and it happened for a reason.

An indulgence you can’t live without?
A good coffee and chocolate.

How long have you been a member of PAA and how did you hear about PAA?
I became a PAA member in 2022 soon after I become a student again and signed up for Diploma of Professional Pilates.

Do you have a motto?
Take care of your body, that’s where your heart, your mind and your soul live. Everyday is a good day to do Pilates.

What’s the most challenging aspect of learning to teach?

To be able to find the most appropriate exercise for any particular posture type, instructing and breaking down so client can understand and feel where they need to move from. Not every exercise will look and feel the same on everybody. I had find it challenging at times but over time with consistent learning and adjusting my approach it become easier. Pilates is education for life that can never stop learning.

What would be your advice for new students?
Finding the level of education and niche that you will be comfortable to teach is very important. Reach out and ask questions so you know that you are on the right path. Trust the method and observe Pilates through you own practice and teach as many bodies as you can. Follow your instinct and things will start unfold for you.

How do you use PAA?
Reading monthly newsletters for updates and interested fact about Pilates. Getting know about other instructor, signing up for monthly Masterclasses.

Who is your Pilates idol or would love to meet, and why?
I have a few. Kathryn Ross-Nash, her strength is fascinating. Shari Berkowitz, her knowledge and humble personality toward Pilates movement.

What do you appreciate most about your body?
I learned how to listen to my body and the fact that gives me a warning sign on what to change if something doesn’t agree with me. My body rewards me for it!
Aches and pains here and there, I am very grateful for my functional body.

The book you’re currently reading?
Zero to One by Peter Thiel. I am currently trying to gain more knowledge and information on how to marketing my business.

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