Diploma Units required for Matwork membership

Diploma Units required for Matwork membership

PAA Matwork membership is open to persons who have successfully completed either a Certificate IV or achieved a Statement of Attainment for partial completion of Diploma from a PAA recognised training organisation.

The following tables list the Diploma units required for PAA Matwork membership with a Statement of Attainment.

Polestar Education

Units from Diploma 10828NAT
HLTWHS003: Maintain work health and safety
NAT10828002: Apply the Polestar Pilates Principles and Postural assessment framework
NAT10828003: Plan and instruct a beginner Polestar Pilates matwork class
NAT10828004: Plan and instruct an intermediate to advanced Polestar Pilates matwork class
NAT10828005: Plan and instruct Polestar Pilates matwork classes using small apparatus


Units from Diploma 10537NAT
Participate in workplace health and safety
PILPOS402BPlan and instruct Pilates Method programming for postural assessment and correction
PILMAT401BPlan and instruct a Pilates matwork class from foundation to basic level
PILMAT402B Plan and instruct a progressive Pilates matwork class
PILMAT403BPlan and instruct an intermediate Pilates matwork class
PILSMA401B Instruct the Pilates studio basic to intermediate small apparatus repertoire