Celebrating 20 years of the Pilates Alliance Australasia (2002-2022)

the first and the current PAA logos

the first and the current PAA logos

2022 marks 20 years since the founding of Pilates Alliance Australasia

In 2002 a small group of passionate and dedicated Pilates instructors and educators came together with a vision to create an organisation that would support instructors, educators and clients in the Australian Pilates industry.

Hence, the first evolution of the PAA was established and registered in 2002 with the Dept of Fair Trading under the Associations Act 1984. Our name has changed twice since then before becoming the now familiar Pilates Alliance Australasia Incorporated in 2004.

That first visionary PAA Committee consisted of:

President   ~   Sally Anderson
V. President  ~  Marda Willey
Treasurer  ~   Kerry Etkin
Secretary   ~   Karen Beattie
Councillor  ~   Shauna Hall
Councillor  ~   Elena Philp

According to the 1st PAA Newsletter (Vol 1 -Issue 1, 5 May 2003), a key focus of the first committee was to lobby Health Insurance companies for Provider Number allocation for Full members and by July 2003 registration with HCF, Defence Health and NSW Teachers Federation Health Society was in place.

By Dec 2003 the PAA boasted a total of 70 registered members and the 2nd newsletter encouraged them to reach out and connect, to build their community and network of Pilates instructors.

Past and Present Committee Members

The PAA would not be what it is without the input and commitment of the dedicated volunteers on the Committee sharing their business skills, experience, enthusiasm and love for Pilates – not to mention lots of their time!

Thank you for guiding and building our Pilates community!


20 years of PAA Executive Committee Members 2002 - 2022

Timeline of PAA Committee Members 2002 – 2022   (click to enlarge)


Over coming months we will be continuing our look back at the history of the PAA so please share your memories of the early days of the PAA and we would also love to see any photos you may have: info@pilates.org.au

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