Carola Triers New York studio

Step back in time into Carola Triers New York studio!

At the recent PAA conference, we all enjoyed Elaine Ewing and Sean Gallagher’s presentation of the historical Elaine Malbin photo’s in JP original New York studio.

Elaine Ewing’s continuous research on Pilates history now brings us another set of fascinating vintage Pilates photos, this time from inside Carola Trier’s studio in New York City.

This collection of photos dates back to the 1960’s-1970’s respectively, and includes images of Carola teaching, her students practicing, and children exercising. It’s an incredible glimpse back through time where we can see details of Carola’s apparatus, studio lay out, and so much more.

Photos of Carola demonstrating inside Joseph Pilates studio and in his garden in Massachusetts are also included.

Check out @elaine_ewing and @originalpilatesphotos on Instagram to view her research photos taken at The Library for the Performing Arts in New York City.