ATO Webinars to help small businesses

Did you know that the ATO offer free webinars on a variety of topics to help educate small business owners? An important part of their commitment to delivering a better client experience for small business is helping to improve skills and knowledge so you can be successful in your small business venture.

There are general topics that suit all small businesses and others that are specific to particular industries or circumstances.

ATO webinar topics include:

  • Introduction to business records
  • Digital options for your small business
  • Tax support for small business
  • Recording income or expenses (GST)
  • Becoming an employer
  • Budgeting for your commitments
  • Considering your small business viability
  • Closing your small business

The webinars are interactive online seminars presented by experienced tax officers. They are live and you can ask questions to help you apply the information to your situation.

Check the link to find the full list of ATO webinars and more details on registering:

ATO Webinars for small businesses

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